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Overwatch Agent D.Va!

Good Morning Readers!

We’re back, two weeks in a row and we’re keeping this train a-rollin’. As I previously mentioned, I’ve been spending most of my time in Overwatch. I played a ton during the beta, and then decided to buy it when the game was released. It’s a ton of fun, it has a ton of potential, and I really think it will only continue to improve as Blizzard finds what direction they want to take the game in.

When I first started playing, knowing I am absolute garbage at FPS’, I decided to keep it simple and just play some one who wasn’t very mechanically complex like Tracer or Genji. I stuck to Reaper due to his power, bit a bulk, and the ability to heal as you eliminated people. His teleport and temporary invulnerability also give him mobility and a fail safe if you get in a sticky situation. The two biggest problems I encountered with Reaper were his inability to be played in every game type, and the fact that everyone wants to play a damage dealer. Reaper always seems to be great on attack, and not nearly so much for me on defense. Of course he CAN be played every game, but I often felt that he just wasn’t as optimal as other picks.

Which also leads to the second issue of team comp. More often than not I find most teams lack Tanks and Healers. I haven’t followed competitive as much as I would like, but I’ve done seem reading. The general consensus seems to be a balanced team comp of two damage dealers, 2 tanks, and two support are generally a good starting point. More times than I can count we’ll have 1 healer OR Tank, not even both, and a bunch of people trying to be the hero.

Wanting to actually contribute to winning, and find a hero I could play in most situations, lead me to a couple of choices. Mei always seems to be good at whatever she was trying to do. Reinhardt is actually close to being one of the best heroes in the game. Winston and Road Hog both have great advantages as well. After trying a bunch of different heroes, I couldn’t play any of them except for Road Hog. While I enjoy playing Hog, he is a much more offensive tank, with the ability to heal himself, and peel but he can’t block like Reinhardt can.

Finally I settled on D.Va. I had tried her in Beta, didn’t really get her, and decided to give it another go. I very quickly went from Reaper being my most played characters at around 9 hour, to D.Va going from 0 to 15 hours of game time. This was also right around the time of her buffs. I started to learn to play her before the buff, and I only got better once the buffs were in place. Since picking her up, I was able to start climbing a bit in ranked. I quite often feel like i can carry, especially with good heal support keeping me alive. For a tank, it’s not uncommon for me to have the gold medal in damage. She can shield incoming fire and entire ults for your team. Her ultimate can clear or help you objectives. She does it all.

First thing’s first, her auto attack never needs to be reloaded. When not tanking you can constantly pepper the enemies to whittle them down. While the range on the guns is short, you are the tank so you’re going to be mixing it up with the enemies. You will almost always be close enough to rain a constant stream of damage onto the opposing team, especially in choke points like King’s Row.

Her shield will block almost every projectile and ranged auto in the game outside of Zarya’s, Symmetra’s and Winston’s lasers. The shield can be held up for 4 second straight before it needs to recharge. When you aren’t using the shield, it recharges over time. Proper management is key. You don’t want to blow the Defense Matrix when you don’t need  it and not have it for when you do. Timed right, you eat an entire Phara ult, McCree High Noon, 90% of a Whole Hog, or stand between a Reaper ult and your squishies.

These two “attacks” in conjunction with each other allow you to get in the fight, harass and chip down the enemies, weave your shield in between attacking to absorb the heavy blows like Soldier 76’s helix rockets, then go right back to attacking while they are reloading; giving your shield time to recharge. Add a solid healer to the mix, (looking at you Matt, Machine Gun Monk) and you are hard pressed to ever take too much damage.

D.Va’s shift is similar to Solider’s sprint, but in my opinion, much better. Upon activation, D.Va will rocket boost straight ahead for a few seconds or until canceled with your attack button. You have the ability to turn while you are using it, which allows you to charge in or out of combat if you get in a bad spot. The big different between this and Soldier sprint is D.Va’s ability to fly with the boosters. You actually leave the ground when you use it, so you can reach high ledges, or fly over gaps. This makes closing distance on a hard to reach Widowmaker, Hanzo or Phara much easier. When you make contact with someone while boosting, they will actually be knocked back and damaged. That means timed correctly, and in the right direction, you can knock people off the map for an easy kill. Just be careful not to fly off the map yourself. You can also use it to knock people away from your squishies for a little bit of peel. The dealt damage is not insignificant, so I routinely finish off fleeing enemies by running them over.

Lastly you have your Ultimate. D.Va self-destructs her Mech and jumps from the suit. After a 3 second delay, the suit will detonate killing anyone in Line of Sight. It deals enough damage to kill almost every champion in the game in one shot. Even the tankiest characters do not want to stand near when this goes off. Now, while powerful, all your opponents need to do is hide behind a corner. As soon as they are out of LoS, they are safe from the blast. So our job is use this when they are grouped up, least expecting it and do not have time to escape. A well timed self-destruct will easily net 4-6 kills. I have yet to get a solo team kill, but I’ve gotten plenty of Quadra Kills. The key is using the Booster in conjunction with the Ult.

Once your Ultimate is ready, you want to booster your mech in an angled position to fly the Mech off the ground and towards the opposing team. Once flying, pop the ulti, D.Va will jump out and watch her Mech soar through the sky. After reaching maximum distance the Mech will drop out of the sky and onto the opposing team, hopefully not giving them enough time to escape. Good Bye, Enemy Team.

There are tons of really neat tricks you can do, like jump the Mech over walls and starting your boosters far away from the fight. You can try to flank the team after a death and cut off any escape route the may have.  This way, they never see it coming.

It’s also worth noting that because of the Mecha, D.Va essentially has two lives. Once you take enough damage to die, the Mech is destroyed and D.Va jumps out. You don’t immediately die. You then have much less life, no armor, and just a pistol to defend yourself. You are given a second Ulti which calls a new Mech for you to jump in. This ult charges much faster than normal ulti and can be filled faster by dealing damage with the pistol. The damage is not weak either. Don’t be afraid to keep fighting while you are out of the suit to get it back faster and to keep the damage going. You’ve got long range on your pistol, keep the fight up by backing out of direct line of fire.

You just want to avoid being focused while you are out of the suit because you WILL die. You cannot take any hits. If you can stay alive to call back the Mech, you get a second life again and can keep the cycle going. You can chain these “lives” back to back and it makes D.Va a very difficult hero to kill.

All of these things combine make D.Va a great pusher, defender and attacker. I have been able to make her fit and work in all game types and she fills a much needed role in MOST of the games I play.

General Tips:

Again, you are the Tank. You want to get in, soak damage, have faith in you healers and really disrupt the enemy team. On big pushes or ultimates, be sure to have your Defense Matrix ready. Your team can fire on the enemy while you protect them from almost all incoming damage. Since D.Va always does a surprising amount of damage, disruption can be in the form of shooting the enemy and making them move, along side shielding to block their assaults. It’s all about being able to shift gears quickly.

When you’re close to winning the game either by making a final push with the payload or preventing a final push from the enemy team, save your ult! If you need to keep the enemies off the payload, you can ult right on top of it. They will have to run which will either get you the last few feet you need, or they will all die, and you’ll get the last push you need. Same thing goes for defending. They can’t push the payload if they are dead or running away. Don’t be scared to save your ulti for these last second scenarios when you see the game in coming to an end. Don’t fire off your ulti blindly if you may need it a minute later.

When calling back your Mech, try not to do it in front of the enemy team. If you’re taking lots of fire, you’ll pop right back out of the suit when the animation is done. You’re a sitting duck until the animation is over.

If you have Self-Destruct, and are about to lose the Mech, there’s a time frame of roughly 1 second where you can ult while the Mech is being destroyed. This can be good in times where you don’t have time to re-call the suit THEN Self-Destruct . Just press Q as you’re about to eject and then fight like hell.

When you re-call your Mecha, you start with full life again. This can be key if you are down to only 10-20 life outside of the suit. By calling in a new Mecha, you start off fully healed, so just keep surviving and dealing damage and you’ll back to tanking in no time.


Blizzard just released notes on the PTR about the next round of nerfs. D.Va is on there. The good news is they are just adjusting her shield recharge time. It’s going from 0.5 second to one full second. Meaning when you lower your shields, it takes 1 second to start recharging instead of 0.5 seconds. This is not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I believe that what this does is make her shield use more reasonable. As it stands, the up-time on the shield is nuts. It’s very powerful. In addition to being more balanced, it’s going to force us D.Va players to really work on managing the shield more accurately. I think this raises the skill ceiling and rewards the better D.Va players. You just have to be hyper aware of your gauge and know it’s going to take a bit longer to get the recharge going.

Once the full patch notes are official, we’ll go over everything and see where that places all the heroes. There are also changes to the way rankings are going to work, which is nice. Since the season just ended, i’m looking forward to doing my placement matches for season 2. I think I’ve already improved leaps and bounds from when I started playing this game. I will definitely be streaming my placements and ranked games. Ill be sure to give heads up on Twitter and the Facebook page on when streaming is happening. In the mean time, i’m going to keep practicing Tanks so I have several to choose from. Reinhardt is next on the list.

Nuzlocke Update:

Ok, so far, so good. I didn’t start the challenge until I was able to buy pokeballs, so I quickly rushed through the beginning, got my Pikachu, pokedex, and pokeballs. I started by heading back to Route 1, and encountered a lvl 5 Pidgey. Bingo. Pikachu’s Thunderbolt couldn’t knock it out in one shot, luckily, and I had my first pokemon. I ran to Route 22, but was careful not to engage Gary and luckily found a Male Nidoran, which would be key in the future. This was the coolest find and a pokemon I’ve never used before. I am excited to get a Nidoking in the future. I moved onto Route 2 and the Viridian forest, counting them as separate zones. I caught a Rattata and a Caterpie, respectively. Finally pressing through to Pewter City, I made this my base of operations. I could train my guys just outside the city and get their levels up to try and beat Brock. Once my Pikachu was lvl 11, my Nidoran was lvl 12, and my Caterpie (which evolved) was lvl 9, I felt I was ready. Nidoran picked up Double Kick at lvl 12, which makes fighting Rock types a breeze. Brock was no more, and I readied myself to move on Mt. Moon and Misty.

I think the key is going to be having tons and tons of potions to make it through long stretches without a pokecenter. My pre-teen memory served me well, and there’s was pokecenter on Route 3 outside of Mt. Moon. I ended up running into a Mankey on the first shot. I really don’t remember the pokemon being THIS cool early on in RBY, but I’m not complaining. I trained up the team to the mid teens, aimed for lvl 15 each. After fighting tons of Spearow, and even a couple of Sandshrew, I realized how lucky I was to get a Mankey. Having a fighting type will be huge. I’m really only using the Butterfree, Nidoran, Pikachu and Mankey because I don’t want to use a normal type rat, and I’m not sure a flyer is needed right this second. I’m going to keep them as reserves if i get introuble and Trani them up if need be. I decided to step into Mt. Moon to catch my guy, and lo and behold, instead of a crappy Zubat which was almost guaranteed, I found a Geodude. I wish I had a way to stream my Nuzlocke run, because my team so far is almost unbelievable. You’ll just have to trust I will be playing the game with the utmost integrity and documenting everything.

After taking the Mankey and the Geodude back to Route 3 to train, I got them a little higher and decided to go through Mt. Moon. I have Pikachu to kill flyers, Nidoran with normal and fighting moves for a lot of coverage, Butterfree with Confusion to kill fighting and poison types, plus sleep powder for catching and utility, Manky for pure fighting, and Geodude who currently only has tackle will act as a wall until i can get some rock and/or ground moves. I tried to fight as many of the trainers as possible to explore more of Mt. Moon even though I can STILL remember the fast way through the mountain. Funny how memory works.

I had plenty of potions to keep the team healed, I fought the Maniac and took the Dome fossil. I’m pretty sure Kabuto is better than Ominite but I guess we’ll find out after the run is complete. My Nidoran Evolved into a Nidorino, and I made it to Cerulean City after defeating Team Rocket. I went back and caught a Spearow just before the City for another reserve poke. I healed up at the pokecenter, went to fight Gary who was also a breeze since I was ready for it, then called it there for now.

I just have to hope I don’t rush too quickly, keep my guys all topped off, and be ready for those long stretches without access to a pokecenter. So I’m on track to have an absolutely insane run. I think so far with this team I can go the distance. I’d like a fire type and a bulky water type, but other than that, my team isn’t full of useless guys and I’ve already got two poke in reserve.

Lvl 16 Pikachu
Lvl 17 Nidorino
Lvl 13 Mankey
Lvl 12 Geodude
Lvl 16 Butterfree
Lvl 7 Pidgey

Lvl 3 Rattata
Lvl 8 Spearow

Brock has been defeated, I am in Cerulean City, and no poke-deaths yet.

Thanks for reading! You can email me comments and questions at ModernGentlemenGaming@gmail.com. Click “Follow” over on the right side to follow the blog and never miss an update! Be sure to follow me on Twitter @TheGreat_Andini for stream times and posts. We also now have a Facebook Page! All blog posts will be pushed live over there:


Thanks again, and good luck!


Otakon and the Nuzlocke Challenge!

Good Morning Readers!

I know! I know! I do this far too often! I write for a while, I disappear, I make everyone think i’m dead. It’s cruel. I’m a terrible person. WordPress was so kind to remind me it’s been 5 month since I last published anything. FIVE MONTHS! So that would put us in back in March… right after Katsucon. What’s been going on since then? Well we’ve had MTG release two new sets, Shadows over Innistrad and Eldritch Moon, and we’re already looking towards Kaladesh. League of Legends has released 3 champions; Aurelion Sol, Taliyah, and now Kled. Overwatch Beta has come and gone, seen a full release, a few patches and even it’s own new champions Ana, and hopefully soon, Sombra. Heathstone is… Hearthstone I guess. There was a ton of news with balance and design issues, and then “A Night in Karazhan” (spelled that correctly on the first shot, without looking!) was just released. I haven’t been keeping up with Hearthstone as closely as I used to. We started streaming our D&D sessions. The first one was really positive, and I’m hoping the next ones will be as well. I’ve dabbled a bit in WoW and may jump back in before the launch of Legion. Pokemon Sun and Moon spoilers have been going on and the game release is on the horizon. Finally, we saw the release of Pokemon GO and the fever it caused among fans and non-fans, alike. That was probably the closest I came to writing something, right after the initial launch weekend. Alas, that did not happen. I am Team Mystic, as are most people I know, in case you were wondering and I’m level 21.

I’ve been playing a ton of Overwatch, mostly, working on applying to grad schools, working in general, and preparing for Otakon for two weeks straight. Now that Otakon is over, I feel like the summer is quickly going to come to an end, football will start, autumn will be here, and I may have the urge/time to write again. So here we are.

Otakon was a blast. This year was a little different than years past. Normally, most of the group cosplays, we hit some panels, we party and we hang out. This year, they we’re doing something called the Portable Kaiju Super Battle League. The idea was to make a Pokemon (portable kaiju) team, walk around the con and find their Battle Masters (Gym Leaders) and win to earn badges. By winning 8 or more badges by Sunday, you earned the right to face their version of the Elite Four.

While I knew for sure I was going to partake, I had really no idea what to expect. I didn’t know what kind of leaders and teams to anticipate or how competitive it would be. I have dabbled in competitive Pokemon training/batting in the past, so I decided to prepare for the worst. I also didn’t want to just use the strongest guys I could make. I was worried about disqualifying myself after reading the rules and seeing how vague they were. I saw a “No legendary” clause, so I decided to stay away from “Ubers” entirely, using Smogon’s tier list. I also figured by build a very strong Under Used (UU) team, with as few Over Used (OU) guys as possible, I could beat most of the OU teams I faced. I was confident and figured there would surely be Gym Leaders who were not SUPER hardcore, and I knew they wouldn’t be using Legendaries (or Ubers, hopefully) based on the rules.

While thinking all of this over, I realized I’ve always wanted to cosplay a Pokemon Trainer, and it all sort of just clicked. I could throw together a quick Trainer Red cosplay with the help of Lumi Cosplay, and I’d build my team to mimic his. My team would be cosplaying along side of me and I could role play the whole thing. I built a team of Pikachu, Charizard, Blastoise, Venusaur, Snorlax and Espeon. I debated going real old school with the Lapras, but the Espeon gave me better type coverage with less redundancy. For you Pokemon nerds out there (like me) here’s the complete break down of the team:

Charizard @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Blaze
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
– Fire Blast
– Air Slash
– Focus Blast
– Roost

Blastoise @ Assault Vest
Ability: Torrent
EVs: 184 HP / 252 SpA / 72 Spe
Modest Nature
– Rapid Spin
– Scald
– Dark Pulse
– Ice Beam

Venusaur @ Venusaurite
Ability: Overgrow
EVs: 248 HP / 96 Def / 144 SpD / 20 Spe
Bold Nature
– Giga Drain
– Sludge Bomb
– Substitute
– Leech Seed

Pikachu @ Lightball
Ability: Lightning Rod
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
– Substitute
– Thunderbolt
– Grass Knot
– Hidden Power Ice

Snorlax @ Leftovers
Ability: Thick Fat
EVs: 188 HP / 144 Def / 176 SpD
Careful Nature
– Curse
– Body Slam
– Rest
– Earthquake

Espeon @ Choice Specs
Ability: Magic Bounce
EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
– Psychic
– Dazzling Gleam
– Shadow Ball
– Morning Sun

So I’m thinking, “Surely I’ll run into issues and difficult opponents, but I can try to out play them and I’ll do my best. I can do it”. I had faith. The first two days of the con were awesome. We were running around, finding Gym Leaders, challenging them and winning. We played all sorts of Doubles and Triples battles, with Singles mixed in. We fought a Water trainer, a Grass Trainer, a Fighting Trainer, a Fairy Trainer, Steel, Ground and Ghost. There were so many more we never even had the chance to fight. Each Leader took their job seriously and we loved every second of it. It was one of the most epic things I’ve ever done. Elementary School Andy was screaming with joy on the inside. It was like living the dream. And I was doing it with a super on-theme, and awesome team. I was beating Gym leaders with my trusty Pikachu and the original Kanto starters. I can’t speak highly enough about the event.

Finally, come Sunday, I had enough badges to fight the Elite Four. I said goodbye to my friends as they went to explore the con, and I queued up the Pokemon theme song. I was so pumped. I knew I could do anything. It was really emotional. If you were following me on Twitter, you saw me updating everyone over the course of the weekend and then… radio silence…

I showed up Sunday morning and the lines to fight the E-Four were insane… I was worried that would be the case but I never imagines it would be that bad. I was nervous there wouldn’t be enough time to fight all four. I waited in line, and started chatting with some of the people who had already faced some of the E-Four. I started hearing things like “This one guy’s using Mega Blaziken and a Protean Greninja…” and “This other guys is using Mega Rayquaza.” My heart sank. Not only was there not going to be enough time to actually face them all, I was completely outgunned. My poor team was pretty much mathematically eliminated before I even stepped in line. I had a PIKACHU for Christ’s sake! To put it in perspective, Pikachu has 320 total stat points while Mega Rayquaza has 780. Yeah, ok… Those rules about No Legendaries? Clearly that was a restriction for us and not them.

I wanted to make a cool team that still has some shot at winning and I was severely punished for it. So… I left. I didn’t even try. I did not want to waste the few remaining hours of the con standing in line to get my teeth kicked in. Building that team had risks I was fully aware of, but I was still pretty bummed. I am not a Pokemon master, I did not become a Champion. It was very anti-climactic, but… now I know. This was the first year they did this event, I had literally no idea what to expect, they said they would do it again next year, and improve upon it. I believe it can only get better.

All in all, the con was amazing, both Lumi Cosplay and Bellexi Cosplay looked amazing. Bellexi got some SERIOUS press and even shout outs from famous cosplayers for her Road Hog cosplay. As I’ve said many times, these are very talented women and always make a splash at these cons. Next on the list will either be AUSA or Katsucon 2017, depending on some factors.

Regardless, this con gave me a serious itch to play some Pokemon, I’m excited to try Sun and Moon, and until it’s released I’m trying a Nuzlocke Challenge for the first time! I found out I could buy R/B/Y on my DS for ten bucks. You can’t really beat that, plus I figured it would be the perfect version for a nuzlocke challenge. I am debating getting Red or Yellow. Yellow being the choice I’m leaning towards for a number of reasons. If I ever want to play through the game normally, I’d want to play Yellow, since I never owned it as a kid. Secondly, you get all the starters in Yellow throughout the course of the game, so you don’t have to just pick one. Now for the those of you who aren’t aware, a nuzlocke challenge has a bunch of self imposed rules you have to follow to make the game a bit more interesting. Here are the ones I’m using:

  • The challenge doesn’t start until you can obtain pokeballs.
  • If a Pokemon faints, it “dies” and you must release it into the wild. You cannot use that Pokemon again.
  • You may only catch the FIRST Pokemon you encounter on each Route.
  • If you fail to catch that Pokemon, you’re out of luck. Move onto the next Route.
  • If the first Pokemon you encounter is one you’ve already caught, you can keep trying until you find a different Pokemon species.
  • If I go with playing Yellow, I will not use the starters given to me throughout the course of the game. Using them would feel like cheating. I will just use my starter Pikachu.
  • If you run out of usable Pokemon, and all of your Pokemon are “dead”, you lose the game, you have to start over.

I figured it would be way fun because if I fail, I don’t mind restarting R/B/Y from the beginning over and over. It’s just a neat way to try and add variety to the game. Plus, I can document my progress here.

I will get some time in before next weeks article. Thanks for tuning in. Again, I apologize for the long span of nothing. I appreciate everyone who enjoys reading what I write. You can email me comments and questions at ModernGentlemenGaming@gmail.com. Click “Follow” over on the right side to follow the blog and never miss an update! Be sure to follow me on Twitter @TheGreat_Andini for stream times and posts. I’ll be streaming Overwatch in the near future. Thanks again for everything!

Blizzards and Buck Shot

No major post today, folks!!

We’re prepping for a blizzard, so I’ve stocked up on coffee, fire wood, booze and food. We’re basically preparing for a three day LAN party. We will be playing League of Legends, so I may try to fix the stream, since I’ll have some time. I’ve been mastering Tristana in addition to Miss Fortune. I need one more solid ADC in order to really start doing some damage in Ranked. I can’t decide between Kalista, Lucian, Ashe, Vayne or Graves (who is definitely about to be nerfed into the ground). I say that because Graves currently has the highest win percentage in THREE DIFFERENT ROLES in Ranked. He’s close to 60% in ADC, Top and Jungle. Pros are saying he’s just giving out free LP. I’m sure it cannot last.

After that, it’s on to learning a bunch of Tops or something, I dunno. If you’re in range of this storm than be safe, and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. Stay warm, enjoy some time doing nothing and staying indoors. Good Luck everyone, and thanks for tuning in!

Be sure to click follow over on the right to make sure you never miss an update. You can email me questions, comments, or concerns at ModernGentlemenGaming@gmail.com. Be sure to follow me on Twitter @TheGreat_Andini for streaming times and posts. If i can get the League Stream up it’ll be here: twitch.tv/thegreat_andini. Thanks again and enjoy the snow!


A Spot of Bad Luck!

(Or a Little Miss Fortune) :D

Welcome back, everyone!

Today I’m going to dive into a topic I have not written about before: League of Legends. Now I am far from an expert, but this blog started as a way to document my progress in MTG, so why not my adventures in Ranked LoL? As previously mentioned, I used to play League consistently in Beta, and Seasons 1 and 2. It’s been a VERY long time since I’ve seriously played League and the game has changed a bunch. It is literally an entirely different game now.
RIP Gold per 5s T.T

I have always been relatively flexible when it comes to roles in League, but if I had to rank myself it would be ADC>Top>Mid>Support>Jungle. ADC is mostly where I have found my home, and I really enjoy being the DPS on the team. If you ask me, it’s the most interesting role, because it’s the only duo lane (generally), and its always high action.  You have 4 people bot, (2v2), the supports are trying to zone the opponents and keep their ADC alive, while the ADCs are trying to farm, and harass the opponents. Your team’s damage relies on you (the ADC) to get farmed up early game, to pump out huge amounts of damage in the late game during team fights.

Right now, the most popular ADCs seem to be Tristana, Vayne, Lucain, Corki and Miss Fortune. I have been playing mostly Miss Fortune in Ranked (and normals). She is a bursty, mage-like ADC in that she doesn’t just auto-attack. She has powerful abilities that allow her to quickly take huge chunks our of her opponents life-totals. Let’s start with her passive.

Love Tap: Whenever Miss Fortune basic attacks a new target, she deals 0.6 – 1.0 times her attack damage (at levels 1-18) bonus physical damage. Love Tap deals 50% damage to minions and turrets.
– This skill has many applications. Any time you first target something new, you get a boost to your auto-attack. This helps make up for her lack of early game strength. It helps you last hit minions more effectively if you rotate through the minion wave. It allows you to squeeze off a single shot on the opposing ADC, when the moment presents itself, and poke them down. The bonus is only worth 50% on minions and turrets, but any bonus damage is great bonus damage, (I always say.)

Q – Double Up: Miss Fortune fires a shot at an enemy target which deals 20 / 35 / 50 / 65 / 80 (+0.85 per attack damage) (+35% of ability power) physical damage before bouncing through her target to an enemy behind it, dealing 40 / 70 / 100 / 130 / 160 (+1.0 per attack damage) (+50% of ability power) physical damage.
– This if your man ability and the one I tend to max first. It’s great for farming and harassing in lane. ADCs and Supports tend to hang out behind the minion waves, since we’re ranged (No need to put yourself in danger!) This is where Double Up really shines. You can hit a minion in the last row and have it bounce to your opposing champs. The catch is, if you manage to kill the first target it hits, the bounced shot will deal 150% damage. The hits both apply on hit affects (such as Critical Strikes). There have been times in the early game, I’ve been able to chunk 50% of an opposing ADC life-total. It is absolutely devastating, and can scare your opponents into backing off, which is important for zoning. Now, the second target hit is “random”, so you want to help avoid “missing” by trying to pick times where the second shot will hit a champion (preferably the ADC). Try to isolate the last minion and the ADC. Ways to make this happen include clearing the rest of the wave except for 1 or 2 minions, and when the ADC comes in to get a last hit, Double Up on the minion farthest in the back, killing it and dealing huge damage to the only thing Double Up can jump to; their ADC. This skill becomes less useful in team fights, but you can still fire off tons of Double Ups before a big team fight to help soften up the enemy team.

W – Strut: Passive: After 5 seconds of not taking direct damage, Miss Fortune gains 25 movement speed, ramping up to 60 / 70 / 80 / 90 / 100 after 5 additional seconds.
Active: Miss Fortune instantly gains the maximum movement speed bonus as well as 60 / 75 / 90 / 105 / 120 % attack speed for 3 seconds. Love Tapping increases Strut’s attack speed duration by 1 second (2 seconds against champions).
-Here’s a versatile skill. This is the skill we’re going to max second. Passively, it gives us move speed while we’re not taking damage. Movement Speed is very important. It allows us to move around the map faster (duh…) to get to objectives, it allows us to dodge skill shots, and get back to lane more quickly after buying. The second portion of this skill is the steroid. The active gives us a reason to auto-attack, when our skills are on Cool Down and we aren’t able to burst people down, we want to be auto-attacking and this skill helps us do it. It’s great for dueling. Plus, each time we change targets and get the Love Tap bonus, we get an extra 1 second of steroid (2 if it’s a champion).

E – Make It Rain: Miss Fortune fires hundreds of bullets into the air which rain down at a location after 0.5 seconds, dealing 90 / 145 / 195 / 255 / 310 (+80% of ability power) magic damage over 2 seconds and slowing enemies hit by 40 / 45 / 50 / 55 / 60 % for .25 seconds. This slow is refreshed if enemies stay within the area.
– This is our only form of CC we have. It’s all right, because a 60% slow is nothing to scoff at. It is a wide enough circle that we can use it to close off escape routes in jungle, help to initiate a team fight, or set up your ultimate. In lane it’s great because there aren’t a lot of place to go, and it can used in conjunction with your support’s CC to secure kills in the early game. I make sure to take this skill at level 2, and then do not max until the end. It only gains +5% slow each level, and the damage does NOT scale with AD, so we are MUCH better off leveling our Q or W.

R – Bullet Time: Miss Fortune channels a barrage of bullets into a cone in front of her every .25 seconds for a 3 second duration, dealing (+0.75 per attack damage) (+20% of ability power) physical damage per wave. She fires 12 / 14 / 16 waves in total and each wave will deal physical damage to all enemies caught in the area. Each wave of Bullet Time can critically strike, dealing 120% damage.
-Badda bing, badda boom. This is our Ultimate, and good lord it can deal some damage. The cone on this is HUGE. The range is pretty wild. It covers a large area and is great for team fights. Early game if someone is escaping with no life you can fire this off and pick them off from much farther than your normal auto-attack range. This scales with AD and AP, but clearly we’re concerned with the AD here. This isn’t one of those lame ults that deals less damage as the bullets move through first, second and/or third targets. This deals full damage to EVERYTHING, and it can CRIT. You can use this to save towers if the opponents are pushing hard, you can fire this off, clear the minion wave and force them to back off. During team fights, your goal is to auto-attack until you find a perfect moment to use this. You want to catch as many people inside it as possible. Once the opposing team has committed to a team fight, and you aren’t being focused, you know it’s time. They key word here is “CHANNELS.” Make sure you do nothing after firing off the ult. Any action you take will cancel and end the ult early. There is no better feeling then obliterating 2-4 people during a team fight and being the only thing left standing.

So now that we’ve looked at abilities, lets take a look at Runes and Masteries.


MF Runes

This is the standard ADC layout that I use. 9x AD Marks, 9x Flat Armor Seals, 9x Scaling Magic Resist Glyphs, and 3x Attack Speed Quints. Now, I have tried many different set up, including the one above with 4 less Scaling MR Glyph for 4 more Attack Speed Glyphs. I tried dropping AS all together for more early game Attack Damage, but that really only helps with Last Hitting, and we don’t need that crutch due to MF’s Passive, Love Taps. AS is the most important, I believe. We use Flat Armor because we need the Armor right out of the gate. The opposing ADC is going to be AD (duh, not AP) so the armor is needed right from level 1 for survival. We don’t need the MR early, and the Scaling Runes are more effective post level 6. (i.e. you’d get more MR from Flat Runes at the start of the game. With scaling MR, level 6 if the point you surpass the flat runes, and gain more MR as you level up.)


MF Mastery

So far in Pre-Season 6, Thunderlord’s Decree is the OP mastery, everyone gets it. This will probably change, to try to make the other Keystone Masteries more worthwhile. Until then, lets take a look at some evidence as to why this may be. Once you put 18 point towards one Key Stone, you only get 12 for another tree. That makes the cut off the fourth tier masteries. So the options in the fifth tier become, Battery in the Ferocity tree which is 7% Flat Armor Penetration, or Precision in the Cunning tree which is 14% Armor Pen at level 18 (again, scaling per level). I believe It’s worth getting the scaling Armor Pen, over the Flat, which then gives you access to Thunderlord’s, which is just great right now. If you are playing someone with a much higher focus on Crit Chance, then there is an argument for Warlord’s Bloodlust. But with MF we’re taking Thunderlord’s because it procs on spell casts, which we do a lot of. I also choose to take Oppressor over Bounty Hunter, because apparently you need to kill at least 3 different champions before it surpasses Oppressor’s bonus. This might not happen until the late game when it’s no longer useful, I’d rather have the extra punch early, since MF has a slow, and your support will most likely have some sort of Crowd Control as well.

With Bandit versus Dangerous Game, it’s a personal preference. I really like the extra gold I can pick up from the occasional missed CS, but the real draw is the +3 gold per enemy Champion hit, since I do a lot of harassing. The Pros all take Dangerous Game, because when you’re chaining kills/assists, +5% healing adds up quickly. Dangerous Game is definitely better late game. I will keep experimenting with both.


The core of my build is Essence Reaver into Infinity Edge. Again, we are a caster-type ADC, and we need our Cool Downs to be lowered if at all possible. Reaver grants 10% CD, and then up to an additional 30% (to hit the max of 40%) for all of the bonus Crit Chance our OTHER items give us. Infinity Edge is obviously an Item that gives us huge Crit Chance, as well as making our Crits deal more damage. For boots we want Berserker’s Greaves. Our Attack Speed Item will generally be Rapid Firecannon. It provides more Crit Chance to lower our CDs through Reaver, and gives us an “Energized Attack” that deals more damage to champions and towers with an extended attack range. That’s 4 of our 6. The last two are all situational. If the enemy team has a ton of CC, Mercurial Scimitar is our Item. If they have no CC and we need sustain, Bloodthirster is the way to go. Enemy Rengar or Talon got you down? Can’t seem to get into a fight without getting immediately jumped on? Guardian Angel is for you! Lots of Tanks to mow down? Lord Dominik’s Regards and/or Black Cleaver if they’ve stacked Armor. The choice is yours! Your team and the enemy team’s composition are going to call for item choices on the fly!

Game Phases:

Early Game – Start with Doran’s Blade, one Health Potion, and your Free Trinket (We LOVE free stuff!). Last hit, Last hit, LAST HIT! An ADC is NOTHING without gold and we get gold by last hitting. Our passive gives us an early boost to damage, so use this to your advantage and keep switching minion targets. Make sure you are triggering the passive to help you get those last hits. ***Something to keep in mind, by the 5 minute and 45 second mark in the game, 50 minions will have been released. Compare what you have at 5:45 to the possible 50. Ideally you want to be hitting at least 44 out of 50 for a 92%+ Creep Score. It’s very hard to do, and I don’t always do it very well, but it’s something to watch and I like to record it. It’s something I am really working on.***
I have played around a bit with Cull. It’s an item that trades early game power for a mid game money spike. It rewards really solid farming, and game really set you back if you don’t farm well. I’ve tried it once or twice, and I still have not made a solid opinion on it. If you are behind early and can’t buy anything else, I usually get a second Doran’s Blade or the rare Cull. Once you get Cull, though, you have to commit to farming 100 CS as fast as possible to get that pay off, and catch back up. (I’m leaning towards, it’s not worth it.)

Our first back to buy, should be for at least a B.F. Sword (1300g). If you do not have 1300g+, then you need to buy Caulfield’s Warhammer. If you have less than 1100g, get Long Sword x2 (350g each). The goal is to get Essence Reaver as quickly as possible. Anything less than that, see the Cull v Second Doran’s Blade note above. Don’t be afraid to buy a few extra Potions as well, you don’t want to EVER DIE.

Mid Game – Once you have Reaver, make sure you get Boots, if you havent already, then start building Infinity Edge, preferably in the order of B.F. Sword Pick Axe Cloak of Agility.

Once we have our core, I almost always go Rapid Firecannon. You can get Statikk Shiv to help push lanes, or Phantom Dancer to help with dueling, but I think RFC is your best bet.

Late Game – Then it’s on to your situational items. See Above.


The rest of the information is general ADC knowledge and tips. ALWAYS, ALWAYS help your Jungler and Support with wards. Whenever you have an extra 75 gold, BUY A PINK WARD. These last forever, and you can only have one on the map at a time. Keep track of it and replace it when it dies. Upgrade your Trinket for Blue wards. These ALSO last forever, are visible to the enemy and can be destroyed, the advantage is they don’t count toward your ward limit! You can have an infinite amount of them on the map, in theory.

Warding gives you the ability to avoid ganks, set up ganks of your own, control the lane, and keep an eye on dragon.

Work with your Jungler on setting up the Dragon kill! When you get a kill in Bot lane, or if the enemy Mid and Jungle are ganking Top, push the Bot lane out and go kill dragon! The more Dragons you kill, the gold and power-ups your team has! Drake is crucial to the development of a game. Just don’t give up kills to get it. Dragon isn’t worth three deaths.

In team fights, positioning in key. We are fragile, we need to survive to deal damage. Our ult was made for team fighting. So, get in position, wait for the engage, keep auto attacking and when the moment is perfect… when your Support or Tank drops the CC on the enemy team… let it rip and watch ’em drop.

And that’s all I have for today. I’ve been having a lot of success with Miss Fortune so far. I am keeping track of my stats, and will share them once I get more games under my belt. At some point, I’ll do more posts sharing my experiences with other champions, and a potential “General ADC” guide (from my super pro Silver 3 point of view). Thanks for reading, and I hope you found this entertaining.

As always, feel free to email me comments or questions to ModernGentlmenGaming@gmail.com. Follow me on Twitter @TheGreat_Andini, and be sure to click “Follow” over on the right so you never miss an update! See you guys Monday!


A New Year

Good Afternoon Everyone!

Welcome back! The holidays are over, things are suddenly going back to normal with work and life. It’s been a very long time since I’ve written anything here and I’m hoping to change that. Fall was crazy with the new job and the holidays are always crazy. One of my resolutions is going to be keeping this blog up and running and I have several ideas on how to do this.

Lately, I haven’t been playing much Hearthstone. The last three months or so I missed hitting Rank 5 or better. September, October and November were due to my job and being busy. I spent the majority of those times just clearing daily quests. I had saved up enough gold to out right buy the League of Explorers expansion, so I figured I’d try it and see what this “Reno Jackson” was all about. In December, I started playing Aggro Shaman and LOVED it. I had some insane win streak of close to 20 games in a row. I zoomed from rank 15 to 6. It was INSANE. The I started mixing it up a bit, playing what I believe to be the best deck in the game, Combo Druid or Force Roar, as I like to call it. I seemed to get stuck around rank 6, but i wasn’t worried because I had time and the Aggro deck was so unstoppable.

Then it happened. I managed to follow the single greatest win streak of all time, with the single WORST losing streak of all time. I dropped from rank 6 all the way to 11… I stopped keeping track when I was like 5 and 35 or something absurd. I straight lost the will to keep playing. I’m sure the meta shifted, and I was unable to adapt. Perhaps it was the increase of Control decks since all the aggro decks already hit legends? Who knows? All I know is I lost, and I lost HARD. I’ve since gone back to just clearing dailies. My birthday was the 1st, so I didn’t have much time to play this past weekend, and My time has been spent on other games.

I have really been getting back into League of Legends. I used to play years ago, way back in Beta, Season 1 and Season 2. I did not have the equipment to play regularly for the following 3 years or so. Now that I built my new computer in October, I’ve spent the last few months relearning the game. With a group of friends, I’ve been relegated to ADC in the Bottom Lane, and have been doing well. It’s a role I’ve always enjoyed, and am really having fun mastering. I play a lot of Miss Fortune, Tristana, and  Vayne. I love Jinx, but sadly she was nerfed. I’m learning Lucian, need to relearn Graves and Ashe, and would like to pick up Draven. With it being preseason, I took the opportunity to complete my placement Matches for Ranked and am starting Silver III. I felt really good those first ten and ended going 5-5. When Season 6 starts, and the ranked system will change, I need to start learning a second role. I’ve always liked Mid but I think I’m leaning towards Top. I used to main Riven, who is just still busted. I’d like to pick up Darius, Rengar, Garen, Volibear, etc. Some Tanky, Strong, top lane bruisers. Maybe Zed so I could also flex mid. I’d like to stream LoL, but I’m having trouble with the software, just a few kinks to iron out. Regardless, my goal is to climb to gold, see how decent am I am, and maybe climb to platinum.

Magic: The Gathering has been pretty stagnant. The new sets are all very unexciting. Tron got a new toy that may push it over the edge for Modern (which would be bad for us G/B/x players). There was a large Modern Star City Games Tournament this weekend where Bloom basically cleaned up. It landed multiple copies in the Top 8 and won the whole thing. People are speculating this deck will not last long, as it is over the top powerful. There is major speculation on a return of Stoneforge Mystic, either by unbanning or reprint into standard. The cards power level is easily controllable in Standard based on what equipment is printed around it, and I do not personally believe it’s too powerful for Modern. Everyone who knows me knows I want power cards. While this may seem at odds with the Bloom deck statement above, Bloom is extremely hard to interact with, while SFM is not. Cards should be powerful, they shouldn’t be complete immune to interaction. There is a Modern Invitational Qualifier I may try to go to next weekend as well.

In other news, Fallout 4 is great; I’m about 8 hours into it. It’s a fantastic game. The new Star Wars movie is great. I really enjoyed watching it with my brother and my girlfriend. Lastly, and the thing I hope will give me plenty of new content to write, I’ve been playing Dungeons and Dragons with the same crew that plays League of Legends. We’ve got two sessions (about 10 hours) under our belts and I’ve been writing down EVERY single thing that happens along the way. I am hoping to turn it into a novelization of sorts, chapters more or less, and publish them here as an on going story. So far it’s been a blast to play, a blast to write and I hope it’s a lot of fun to read. Our DM is truly amazing. He has no interest in playing (so he doesn’t feel obligated to DM) and has devoted hours and hours to world building, character development and perfecting his story telling. Each time we meet the group gets better, the story gets fleshed out and I’m really excited to see where it all goes. With his help, I will be turning each sessions notes into a series, and I think it’s going to be awesome.

The first installment will be a week from now. I’ll be back Friday with a new post, regarding LoL, MTG, or Hearthstone. We’re still in preseason for LoL, so patches ares till being implemented. The full spoiler for MTG is not out yet and we’re close to another Banned and Restricted List update. Hearthstone is Hearthstone. It’s a crazy game with a frustrating amount of variance, and I HATE IT. *Clears Throat* Excuse me.

Feel free to email me comments, questions or concerns to ModernGentlmenGaming@gmail.com. Follow me on Twitter @TheGreat_Andini, and be sure to click “Follow” over on the right so you never miss an update! That’s the agenda, Lots to talk about, lots to analyze. Thanks for tuning in. May this be the year of the consistent content! Happy New Year, Readers!


Banned & Restricted: No Changes

Good Afternoon, Dear Readers!

Well, another set, another B&R List announcement. This time there are still no changes. Since moving to Jund (and honestly, since I started playing Modern) Team MGG has wanted to see Deathrite Shaman and Bloodbraid Elf unbanned. I think this is probably a fairly unpopular opinion, but I’ve discussed before in detail which cards I think could be unbanned without breaking anything. I’ve always said I like playing with powerful cards, so I wouldn’t be upset to see lots of cards come off the B&R List. Regardless, Modern is in a really great place right now. Without any changes to the List, it will give Team MGG a chance to continue to hone our Jund lists. Matt and I are playing very silimar lists. Something like 72 or 73 of the same 75. Here’s mine, below:

Creatures (13):
4 Tarmogoyf
4 Dark Confidant
3 Scavenging Ooze
1 Olivia Voldaren
1 Tasigur, the Golden Fang

Walkers (5):
4 Liliana of the Veil
1 Chandra Pyromaster

Spells (18):
4 Lightning Bolt
3 Abrupt Decay
2 Terminate
1 Maelstrom Pulse
2 Kolaghan’s Command
4 Inquisition of Kozilek
2 Thoughtseize

Lands (24):
3 Verdant Catacombs
4 Bloodstained Mire
2 Wooded Foothills
3 Overgrown Tomb
1 Blood Crypt
1 Stomping Ground
3 Blackcleave Cliffs
3 Raging Ravine
1 Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth
2 Swamp
1 Forest

This is the list I am currently playing. I literally only have 4 sanctioned matches of magic with this deck under my belt. We have done a solid amount of testing though, and will continue to do so. Things to note: I need a fourth Verdant, a fourth Blackcleave. I’m sure I’m missing a few percentage points by not having these two lands, I just never got around to getting that last fetch, and the Blackcleave was put off while I wasn’t playing. More importantly, I’m looking to add a third Terminate so I have a 3-3 split between that and Decay. Huntmaster Probably Deserves a spot in the main board. Originally, I had only 1 Kolaghan’s Command, and then ran Huntmaster. For me, Command has over performed almost every time I’ve played it. looking at it as objectively as possible, it’s probably correct to only run one, it’s possible my small sample size may affect my opinion, and certain metas would certainlycause me to want 2 main for sure. Knowing all of that, I may cut back on a Command for a main Huntmaster, as I think in a vacuum the Huntmaster is better and gives more value.

As for the side board, it changes weekly, as it should. This is the list of cards I use along with a list that i keep with me to make changes each week as I see fit:

Sideboard (15):
2 Choke
2 Anger of the Gods
1 Ancient Grudge
1 Huntmaster of the Fells
1 Shatter Storm
2 Kitchen Finks
1 Duress
1 Slaughter Pact
1 Spellskite
1 Grim Lavamancer
2 Fulminator Mage

Somethings to think about:

  • Some combination of Shatter Storm and Ancient Grudge. Either 2-0, 2-1, 1-1, etc. This is totally reliant on how prevalent affinity is. Clearly, our Commands are solid and give us an edge game one, so going over board on Affinity hate can be real. Lighting Bolt is already great, as we have a ton of removal. Shatter Storm just gives us a way to nuke them into oblivion.
  • Grim Lavamancer has been solid and comes in for a number of matches. It’s removal, and has helped a bit in the Merfolk match which appears to be terrible for us. It also aligns itself with our grindy game plan at times.
  • Slaughter Pact is a removal spell that helps us play around counter and catch our opponents off guard.
  • Kitchen Finks, Feed the Clan, Etc. This is another hotly debated split. How much Burn tech do we need? I think Feed might not be as good as Finks, but its much harder to Skull Crack and a well placed Feed will basically end the game. The trade off is Feed is ONLY good against Burn, and not so much else where. Fink’s helps against Merfolk since it can block twice. I may want to add a third Finks to the board.
  • I do not own Damnation and it might be right to have a 1-1 split between it and Anger of the Gods. Right now, two Anger has been solid. A look towards Engineered Explosives is something I’ve discussed with Matt as well.
  • I love Spellskite and don’t think I’d enter a tournament without it. (Looking at you, Matt)
  • Night of Souls Betrayal really puts the thumb screws on some decks. This is another card I do not own, but would like to look towards adding.

This past Friday I was able to enter a Modern FNM for the first time in months. It was four rounds and I ended 3-1. I got a little lucky, and lost the last round to arguably one of the best players in the room. We’ll get there.

Round 1: R/G Tron. This is supposed to be a free roll for them. Game 1, I was able to apply enough pressure early on, tear up his hand enough to slow him down, and recover after an Ugin wipe to finish him off with bolts. Game two wasn’t even close. He rolled me just like I would have thought. Game three played out similarly to game 1 except I had Fulminator Mage. This again, slowed him down enough to allow me to apply pressure. I kept a hand with 3 lighting bolts in the opener knowing I’d need to use them on a Walker. When my opponent misplayed, I was able to ignore with Ugin and bolt him for 9. 2-1, win, 1-0 on the night.

Round 2: Mono-Green Infect. Early hand disruption takes his creature and protection spells. We proceed to kill anything he plays for the rest of the game while punching in with Goyf. Game 2: Rinse and repeat. He floods out, and hand disruptions destroys his hand.  Goyf get’s it done. 2-0, win, 2-0 on the night.

Round 3: Merfolk. I curve IoK into Confidant into Liliana. Using Lili as removal, he kills it, and Bob grants me another plus more removal. He doesn’t have Vial, so our 1 for 1 removal keeps us in the lead. Goyf and Ravine get us there. Game 2, I play Turn 1 IoK, Turn 2 IoK+IoK, Turn 3 Lili. I sided Lili’s out and drew the only one left in the deck. I never draw a Goyf or threat or any kind and die to Mutavaults. Game 3, Combination of discard, Goyf, removal and Grim Lavamancer help me run him out of resources and win a very tight game. Had my opponent not flooded out, I don’t think I would have won. A little luck goes a long way. 2-1, win. 3-0 on the night

Round 4: Merfolk. Yup, knew it wouldn’t be easy. No way I win this match up twice. Game 1 I get absolutely rolled. He has what looks like a God hand with a Vial, a million threats and double mutavault. Finished me off with a very high devotion Master of Waves. I tried to keep parity but a lack of removal and Islandwalk make that impossible. Game 2, I keep and EXTREMELY loose 6, that almost certainly should have been a mulligan to 5. I miss two land drops before I find my third land, and cannot keep up. Not a problem, it was a good first dip back into the scene. 0-2, loss. 3-1 on the night.

Open packs. Get a foil Hangarback Walker. Looks like I was the winner after all.

Merfolk is definitely a tough match up for Jund. We have tools to beat it and I think I was under prepared. Anger of the Gods is good. Lavamancer is good. Kitchen Finks seems good. Choke does nothing. I think I may try to fit a 4th Abrupt Decay in the board. Having uncounterable removal can be important against Curse Catcher. Liliana needs to come out. I took out 3, probably should have removed all four. Tasigur seems to slow. Master is tough to deal with because we don’t actually have an answer to it outside of Pulse. They usually run 2-3 MoW and we run 1-2 Pulse. That math is sketchy. Vial, you basically ignore. We kill their Lords so they don’t get out of hand, and try to run them out of resources.

Outside of that, I think the night went well and I need to keep honing the list. This weekend will be another FNM, and then on the 10th, I’ll be playing in a Modern GP Trial for GP Pittsburgh, which i would also like to attend. I am going to continue to play this list, and hopefully I’ll be back with more tales of victory.

I’m going to be streaming for a bit tonight. The Hearthstone Ladder season is just about over. While Legend is looking grim for this season, I’ll be messing around with Secret Paladin, among other things, and trying to get the best rewards we can. Come hang out around 7 pm ET at twitch.tv/thegreat_andini. I’ll be posting on Twitter if the time changes.

Thanks for tuning in! As always, you can email us at ModernGentlemenGaming@gmail.com. Follow me on twitter @TheGreat_Andini for stream schedules. Be sure to follow the blog on the right and you’ll never miss an update! Thanks for everything, and good luck!


Streaming Tonight and a Quick Update!

Good Afternoon, Everyone!

This weekend was the first weekend of regular season football! My Philadelphia Eagles play their first game against the Atlanta Falcons. Basically this will be the first chance we get to see an almost entirely new Eagles team. It should be a good game. This could also set the tone for another soul crushing Eagles season. Tune in to find out, and possibly enjoy my tears! This has also been one of the strangest opening weekends for fantasy football I have ever seen. It seemed like every game was low scoring, most QB’s did almost nothing, and my teams are already falling apart! HOORAY!

We of course will be keeping track here as time goes on:

Work League:
Crushing week 1 defeat at the hands of Gronk to start 0-1.

The CHill League:
A solid start leads to a disappointing follow up. With only Nelson Agholor and Eagles Defense needing to make up a MERE 53 points tonight, it’s probably safe to say this will be another defeat. 0-1.

Phi Gamma Francavilla:
Even with the horrendous DeSean Jackson going out early in Q1, Matt Forte and DeAndre Hopkins pull together some serious points for a solid win. This could be the league to watch. 1-0

The full set spoiler should be out by this weekend for Battle for Zendikar. I will be doing a set review in regard to Modern when that is released. I am also going to be out of town this weekend, so that may mean there is no post on Friday. I’m going to be in a cabin in the woods and I doubt they’ll have WiFi. Stranger things have happened though.

Other than that not much has changed, I’m still climbing with Midrange Hunter. Saturday night’s stream went very well, we climbed from Rank 10 to 6, which means the real grind begins!

I’ll be streaming Hearthstone tonight around 7:00 pm EST while the Eagles play, so we can cheer for ladder climbing and hopefully cheer for the Eagles to pull in a win. Or come hang out and root for the Falcons, I don’t care. Bourbon and music will be had, either way.

Here’s the list I’m currently using:

Hybrid Hunter:
1 Hunter’s Mark
2 Webspinner
1 Explosive Trap
2 Freeze Trap
1 Flare
1 Quick Shot
1 Iron Beak Owl
2 King’s Elekk
2 Knife Juggler
2 Mad Scientist
2 Eagle Horn Bow
2 Animal Companion
2 Kill Command
2 Unleash the Hounds
2 Hound Master
1 Piloted Shredder
1 Loatheb
2 Savannah Highmane
1 Dr. Boom

BONUS LIST!!!! Here’s a Midrange Paladin list I am also working on:
(Disclaimer: Will not be climbing with this anytime soon)

Midrange Paladin:
1 Zombie Chow
1 Equality
1 Ironbeak Owl
2 Knife Juggler
2 Shielded Minibot
1 Coghammer
2 Muster for Battle
2 Aldor Peacekeeper
1 Big Game Hunter
2 Truesilver Champion
2 Consecration
1 Defender of Argus
2 Murloc Knight
2 Piloted Shredder
1 Antique Healbot
1 Quatermaster
2 Sludge Belcher
1 Sylvanas Windrunner
1 Dr. Boom
1 Lay on Hands
1 Tirion Fordring

This list is pretty stock, I’ve always enjoyed the power Midrange Pally has. We get to use Murloc Knight now, which is an insane card. We focus on early board control with Minibots, Jugglers, and Muster, bait out their AoE removal, then land a threat that can end the game. The only other things I would look at changing is removing the chow, the Peacekeepers, and the Sylvanas, for Warhorse Trainer, another QM, and Justicar Trueheart for a more token oriented build. That second option could be horrendous, but who knows? Right now, I’ve enjoyed doing my dailies with this list and it’s always fun to switch it up.

Thanks for reading my quick update. Again, I’m going to try to get a post ready for Friday if the BFZ set has been fully spoiled. If not, it’ll be ready for Monday. Tune in tonight at 7:00 pm EST as we climb to Legend with Midrange Hunter at twitch.tv/thegreat_andini.

Follow me on Twitter @TheGreat_Andini to find out when I’m streaming and for blog post updates. you can email me questions, comments, or concerns at ModernGentlemenGaming@gmail.com. Click “Follow” on the right to follow the blog and never miss and update! Thanks again for reading, and may your King’s Elekk always draw you a card!