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League of Legends and the Curse of the 90 LP!

Good Morning Readers!

Welcome back! I know I’ve been bad about posting bi-weekly, but willpower is finite (I’m looking at you, Rich). And that’s a conversation for another day. Regardless, I’m still grinding the ladder in Ranked League of Legends, even though I haven’t been streaming as much. While all of my friends have left me in the dust and reached high Silver, I am still stuck in Bronze 1. I did get to actually experience what promos felt like!… after I dropped to Bronze 2 for two whole games, and quickly reattained my Rank of Bronze 1.  (Thank God!)

I’ve been doing a solid job getting 3-4 games in each night after work and around dinner at the sacrifice of going to the gym (RIP, Pecs like Braum).  Last night I hit 90 LP, for the third time, after I won my first match of the night. Like clock work, I proceeded to lose the next 5 in a row, and drop back to nearly 0 LP. Now, while this is soul-crushingly frustrating, I am trying really hard to JUST focus on my goal. That is to get better. Regardless of rank, regardless of stats and KDAs, win-rates; I just want to get better.

The last LoL article I wrote covered a wide variety of high-level ideas I know I need to improve upon.  I still need to keep these things in mind, but in addition, I try to keep a note pad of “post-match thoughts.” Writing these things down while they are fresh in my head allows me to go back over a game and see where things went wrong, or what I did right. It also allows me to notice trends or patterns in my play, one of which is glaring.

1.) I am getting REKT in my secondary role 

This is a brutal truth, but I f***ing SUCK at top lane. I think need to give it up. I think back to Season 2 when I was playing a lot, and I would play Top and Mid. I *feel* like I would do well, I was decent. Dueling felt like something I was good at. Since then, Top lane has changed so drastically, and I do not have the champion knowledge, or flat out practice time put in, to be good at it. Top lane is just so much harder than I remember it being.

The role of top champs has changed as well. Quite often, I’d want to play a carry like Riven or Fiora, but our Jungler would be Ekko or Xin, and our Support would be Sona or Soraka, and we’d have no tank. So I try to go Darius, who is much more of a bruiser or juggernaut, and then I’m against a Malphite or Volibear, who have much higher ability to tank or sustain. It’s not required, but in Solo Queue it’s not uncommon for the top to need to be a tank or you are just at a severe disadvantage. So then you suffer from the issue of NOT being able to carry as a tank.

Secondly, Even when I was playing the “carry” type champs top, I’d find I’d have no lane presence. I am CONSTANTLY being bullied out of lane and unable to stop my lane opponent from farming. I would do my best to keep up in CS, often going toe-to-toe, but unless the Jungler camps top, I struggle to pull ahead or even maintain parity. This leads to a situation where I am constantly under turret, and the opponent is just free farming.

This could be for several reasons. One, I am getting counter picked, and my champion is just at a disadvantage. Two, the Jungler isn’t doing a good enough job facilitating kills while I am under turret all game. Or Three, I really am just bad at the role. Now, I suspect there is some combination of the three. It’s highly unlikely I am being counter picked EVERY GAME. Its equally likely the bronze janglers are just bad. Many games I’ve asked for help over and over and been ignored. Now there’s and argument I SHOULD be able to hold my lane, and I believe that’s true, but when someone is drowning, it IS a team game, and you’ll lose if you don’t use teamwork to help the floundering player. But most likely, it’s just number 3. My lack of knowledge combined with all of the above means I’m going to have a bad time. So what can I do to fix this?

Well, I can go back to Normals, and keep practicing Top. I can reevaluate the champions I play and find ones that CAN carry and are tanky, (like Voli or maybe a Wukong or Shen). Fiora is a bit tanky, but difficult to play. All of this involves me stopping the grind, and going back to practice in Normals again. This may be a necessary evil.

…but then I look at my stats and I get this glimmer of hope:

Darius : 5-2
Riven: 6-8
Gnar: 2-4
Fiora: 0-1

Clearly this is a small sample size, BUT 13-15 isn’t horrible. The problem is those stats alone don’t even begin to tell the whole story. I am carried most of those games or helped until I can stabilize in the mid game and start helping the team. I don’t generally carry like I hoped to. So I think I have to stay the course and give up on Top. I am able to recognize my lack of skill in dueling,  and quite often just bullied out of lane.

The other option is pick a new role, which leaves me with Mid and Jungle. There is zero chance I support because there’s just no way I can do it, I’m really bad at it and I don’t have the patience to do it. I used to play a lot of mid, and I learned how to jungle a LONG time ago. After many talks with many people, these tend to be the two roles that people feel are best for carrying. Junglers can dictate the pace of the game, and many mid champions are very snowball-y with the ability to roam. Both roles I’d have to completely relearn which… forces me BACK into Normals. Soooo…

2.) Who do I play mid?

I used to have a TON of Ahri games under my belt. I’d love to go back to playing Mid. I bought Yasuo in preparation to begin learning him.  I’d learn Zed too but he’s basically perma-banned every game. Fizz is an option, good for snowballing and ganking. I used to love the high risk, high reward champs that came along with mid. They all have very high mobility, the ability to escape ganks and can be very powerful.

Now you may be thinking, “well if you suck at dueling, why go back to Mid, Noob?” My thought process is most of the mid champs are ranged, and involve a lot of poking. Even Yasuo and Fizz play almost like ranged champions. Yas has the whirlwind, and Fizz can dash in and out like it ain’t no thang. Removing the melee aspect of Top lane with Poke just removes so much pressure. Being able to poke, poke, poke, then commit to a fight you KNOW you can win is almost like ADC. The mid champs have the ability to poke while farming, and then execute the opponent.

As much as I like the IDEA of Jungling, I am not sure how good I’d be at it. It’s been a very long time and the jungle has changed multiple times since then. It makes a  certain mindset to be a good Jungler. I’d love to learn Elise, Ekko, Xin, or Lee Sin, but who knows if I could? Only way to know is to try I guess. So when I do play normals, maybe I should force Jungle and see how it goes.

It’d be great if I could just ADC every game. I know my champions, I know the opposing champions and I’m solid at the role. Sadly, that just isn’t one of the options, and even then…

3.) I am having trouble carrying as an ADC.

Many games, with my support, we will win lane, I’ll be consistently up 10-15 CS in lane, we often get a kill or two, or AT WORST we don’t feed, and hold lane. Generally, we can push the tower, avoid ganks, and play well. Unfortunately, most games, my other teammates will feed their lanes, or the Jungler will die while ganking. We do a killer job keeping the opponenet ADC in check, then 20 minutes later, i’ll be like 1/0/3 or 2/1/2, etc and their ADC is magically 10/3/5. Like, wtf happened?

Bot is not a lane where you can really roam, especially playing some ADCs that require huge amounts of farm (I’m looking at you Kog). Mid is the only lane you can really gank. They will see us coming a mile away, and if the roaming doesn’t result in a kill, you could essentially put yourself 10-12 CS down, negating any lead you may have had. So often times, I am focused on farming, harassing the opponents, maintaining vision and Dragon control, and watching the rest of my team fall apart. I have to hope my team can just survive the laning phase, so we can get to team fighting where I really shine as a teammate. Lots of times the game is lost long before the laning phase is even over, even if Bot lane has given up zero deaths.  This falls under “things I cannot control” but my point becomes that it seems more difficult to carry when you aren’t able to roam or affect the game until after the laning phase. It’s harder to carry as an ADC. If someone out there disagrees, please tell me. I love to have conversations about this stuff.

Regardless, I know there are still things I need to work on as ADC. My farming can always improve, my positioning is mediocre, and I die too often:

Kog’ Maw:             9-8 | K: 5.5  | D: 3.5  | A: 6.2   | CS: 172.4
Miss Fortune:  17-18 | K: 6.1  | D: 4.9  | A: 8.1   | CS: 187.1
Lucian:                   3-6 | K: 5.3  | D: 5.3 | A: 8.8    | CS: 210.9
Jinx:                         1-3 | K: 3.0  | D: 3.8  | A: 6.8  | CS: 177.8
Trist:                       0-1 | K: 6.0  | D: 5.0  | A: 3.0   | CS: 231

I die way too much. Again, these are small sample sizes, but Jinx and Kog are close to where I want to be in KDA. For farming, Kog is the worst which should NOT be the case. He’s so item dependent, that I really need to do a better job farming. For one reason or another, my farming is just better on Lucian, Jinx, and the one Trist game I played. I think I need to play more Jinx, even thought they were both losses. She’s among my three most played champs, but she just happen to get nerfed right when I started playing Ranked. Even with the recent Kog changes, he still feels like Kog’ Maw, Void Horror Sprinkler from Hell. The problem is I don’t always have the team to back him up. Working on my positioning will help, but I still need a strong front line.

I think the bottom line is I still just need to get more ranked games under my belt, one way or another. I worry changing my secondary role will severely set me back, but if I don’t start making a change now and ACTUALLY CARRYING games, I’m never going to climb. It’s a rock and hard place. The ultimate goal is still just “get gud.” I need to stay focused on that goal no matter what happens. The ranks and stats and climbing will come along with it. Until then, I may just need to go back to Normals and really start finding a second role I can master, because I don’t think Top is for me.

Thanks for reading, I hope this insight into my frustrating Bronze career is helpful. Learn from my mistakes, and get out of ELO Hell. If I help just ONE person not want to punch their monitor, then I’m doing God’s work.

Tomorrow, me and my teammate Matt are going to GP DC to play in side events, check out the scene and the artists. I may play, or I may report on Matt’s play. Regardless We might have some sweet Modern or EVEN LEGACY 8-man tournaments to report on, even if it’s not me playing. Stay tuned.

You can email me comments and questions at ModernGentlemenGaming@gmail.com. Click “Follow” over on the right side to follow the blog and never miss an update. Be sure to follow me on Twitter @TheGreat_Andini for stream times and posts. Stay strong and DON’T TILT!!



Quick Stream Update!

Hello Everyone!

It’s been a crazy week and it’s almost over! Normally I would do a Friday/Saturday night stream, but it looks like Ranked is currently down. Tomorrow, the gang will be playing D&D all day/night. I am going to monitor Ranked Queue this evening and, if it goes up, try to get the stream going. Just be sure to follow me on twitter @TheGreat_Andini to catch the stream time on twitch.tv/thegreat_andini. I’ll be sure to tweet 30 minutes to an hour before hand! See you soon.



What I’ve Learned Playing League of Legends

Good Morning, Everyone!

So the Season 6 Ladder is in full swing for League of Legends. Boy, I knew it would be difficult, but I didn’t know it would be THIS difficult. I finished my placement matches in Bronze 1. I figured this would be the case, since I ended last season at Silver 3, and everyone was starting this season about 1 tier down. I have been playing ADC and Top as my preferred lanes. I actually think I’ve been playing well, and I zoomed up to 90 LP very quickly. Unfortunately, I ended up crashing just as fast. Since then, I haven’t really put much time into Ranked. The only option right now is “Dynamic Queue” which mean I could end up in games with 2-4 man pre-mades, and against 2-4 man pre-mades, and get crushed over and over. They are supposed to be implementing a “Solo Queue” which would alleviate the 3-4 man groups. Also as time goes on, I am expecting all the people rushing the Ladder to have reached their goals, and not be stuck in Bronze and Silver. For example, in one of my Bronze games, I was matched against a Silver ADC who was Platinum the previous Season. He absolutely massacred me, it was quite the sight, as he was clearly not a Silver player. I don’t want to catch these people on their way up game after game. So I took a break from ranked.

My ultimate goal is to get better. I want to be a better ADC. Now consequently, I also have to learn another role for ranked, and Top hasn’t been great to me. For climbing the Ladder, I am probably much better off playing Mid or Jungle, but that would require me to completely relearn those roles. It’s not beyond doable, but I’d need to do it in Normals. We also have a ton of Junglers on our “team”, so that would relegate me to mid. Which I don’t hate at all, but the time investment is something to consider.

But as far as ADC goes, I know what I need to do to get better and I know what I should work on. It’s really just putting in the time now. So lets take a look at my game plan so to speak:

Step 1: Stop Caring About Your Rank

This is seriously the most important thing, in my opinion. There is almost nothing I can control in each game. I cannot control who my teammates are, I cannot control who my opponents are, I cannot control what champions are picked or banned, and I cannot control the plays any other player makes, be they good or bad plays. This is going to lead to a lot of losses (and some wins) that I had almost nothing to do with. Due to this, stressing out about these losses will only make me play worse. I can only control what I do. So what does this mean for me? Well I have to learn to let go and not tilt when my opponents are throwing. If I am playing well, I need to be proud of my performance, and be sure to keep that good play rolling into the next game. If I play consistently well enough every game, over the course of enough games I will start to win more often than I lose.

Caring about your rank will only stress you out. You are going to lose games and LP. There is nothing you can do about it. So just play to the best of your ability each game and be proud of your play.

Step Two: Recognize Where YOU Messed Up

The first step is not to make it sound like I am flawless; I am far from it. The key is to avoid always placing blame on your teammates for a loss. You were on that team as well. I guarantee you there is always something you can do BETTER. It may not change the result of the game, but being able to recognize where you made mistakes is key to fixing them and ultimate turning losses into wins. Streaming has helped with this because all of my games are recorded. I can go back and view my mistakes. For me it’s little things like improving my CS, my positioning, mechanics, and my decision making.

1.) For ADCs, “CS-ing” is the most important thing you can be good at. (CS stands for Creep Score, and its what you get for last hitting minions) Farming gets you money and allows you to buy the big items that win you the game. The better you are at farming, the faster you can get those items and become stronger than your opponent. Each kill is worth roughly 12-15 CS, so if you’re head by 45 CS, you essentially have three kills over your lane opponent. THAT’S HUGE! Practice your farm skills, know how much damage your champion deals so you don’t time it incorrectly. Practice farming under turret so when the enemy is pushing, you miss as few CS as possible.

When you are at the 5:45 minute mark, the total possible CS is 50. Make note of what yours is each game. They say you should be hitting 46/50 consistently. 92% is hard to do, especially when the enemies are trying to kill you. This is still a good goal to strive for, the better your farm, the better off you’ll be. Don’t be afraid to take some jungle creeps on your way back to lane, the Frog and Golems give like 100 gold, and if you hit them up each time you come back to lane, that adds up quickly. (Just be sure not to take too much damage from them)

2.) For positioning; don’t get caught! Nothing feels worse than an easily avoidable death because you over extended and didn’t have flash or an escape route. Don’t get too close to the team fights. You can’t make plays if you die because you thought Lucian was a good front line champion. Let your tanks and support peel for you and kill anyone that gets in your way. You won’t always be able to get to their squishies and carries. In these cases you have to kill what you can, even if that means their tanks, who are currently up front. You are no good dead, and you don’t want to die while trying to run through their front line because “I HAVE TO KILL TEH CARRIEZ!! DUH!”

3.) With mechanics we’re talking champion control. Kiting is a very important skill to learn. Normally, when you are JUST auto attacking from max range, you fire your attack, then you need to catch up, then you fire again if/when you get in range. Kiting allows you to stay in range of the enemy and fire off more autos since you don’t need to waste time catching up; you’re just staying in range the whole time.

You do this by moving between each auto, even going so far as to stop your attack early while still dealing damage to the enemy champion. You can find examples and guide of this tactic on YouTube.

This works even better if your attacks apply a slow (like Red Buff). If you’re good enough at kiting, opposing enemy melees may never be able to close enough distance to attack you back, and you can kill them without getting a scratch.

4.) Trading in lane. This is an amalgamation of everything above. You need to get as much farm as possible while preventing your opponent from doing the same. You can attack them to force them to back off from the minion wave and render them unable to last hit. This is called harassing. You have to pick and chose the right moments to harass so you are dealing more damage than you are taking. If you go to harass and end up losing more life than you took, you are now in an unfavorable position and can be forced to back off or be killed. This would be a lost trade.

I like to think of it like this: When playing Lucian, I have to use mana to cast my spells. It’s limited, so when I cast a spell I have to think what I’m getting out of it. If I Q, and I kill 3 minions and then the Passive double shot kills another, that’s about 100 gold for 45 mana. Not bad. If I use an ability and miss all the CS, I wasted mana which is not efficient. You’re essentially trading mana for the chance to make something happen. So if I use mana to dash at the enemy, auto them, Q and then auto to burst them down, they may Flash or Heal, or give me a kill. All three of those outcomes will put me ahead. I trade my mana for their summoner spells which will make them less likely to get away in the future during a gank.

Any trade you come out ahead is a good one. So pick your timing, positioning, and openings carefully so the enemy doesn’t have a chance to turn it around, and cause you to blow your Flash or Heal.

5.) Finally, decision making. You just got done a big team fight, 4 of the enemy champs are dead, do you push towers, kill dragon or kill baron? Well that’s a great question and there is never going to be one right answer. The key is learning which objectives are most important at what parts of the game. Towers give team gold, Dragon doesn’t. Dragon and Baron give important buffs, Towers do not. You need to recognize and improve upon your decision making skills so you aren’t wasting time doing nothing while the enemy waits to re-spawn. Every second you wait is a second closer your opponents are to defending. You don’t want to rush Baron when you have enough time to actually push the nexus and just win. Too many games are thrown away by Baron-ing at the wrong time.

So how do you improve upon these things? When going into a game, I try to repeat them to myself. Be in the mind set to remember all of these little details until they become second nature. For CS, if my lane opponents have too much sustain to harass, I will focus solely on CS and make sure to never miss one. As I am walking to or from lane, I check the jungle quick, and see where my Jungler is, make sure I am not stealing his CS before I kill a jungle mob or two.

As ADC, I am constantly warding the river and trying to keep my eye on Dragon for control of the map. If Dragon is down, I make sure to help my Jungler call out when it will be up by watching the timer. I practice my kiting every chance I get so it becomes second nature. When a team fight is going to erupt I try to put myself in a position where I will be able to deal a lot of damage without getting instantly deleted.

As far as decision making goes, I need to work on that the most. When we play 4 or 5 mans, I let someone else do the shot calling, because I am much better at following directions than giving them. I know it’s something I am not great at, so I let someone who is strong do it. In solo-queue this is different because you are playing with 4 other randoms, so you need to do the best you can. The better you are at recognizing bad calls, will help you avoid terrible situations and warn the group. Just remember you cannot make your teammates do anything, you can only tell them what you think the team should do. Don’t get hung up on it and just make the best decisions you can for you and the team.

Step Three: Emotion and Playing From Behind

This falls under “not tilting,” but I have seen too many people literally give up and rage quit when the score is 0-3, the other team winning. This is obviously an extreme scenario, but even if the score is 12-20, people seem to get easily discouraged and quit when a game is still very much in reach. We all get emotional because of course we care about the game. We wouldn’t play Ranked if we didn’t care and didn’t want to win.

Also, everyone has bad games. If this is you, and you have died 3 times in a row, you have to learn to play from behind aka “learn to get carried”. This involves playing extra safe, getting as much CS as you can, even if that means missing a bunch to avoid dying. You are not going to carry every game. Sometimes you can’t play to win, and you have to play to NOT LOSE. Let someone else carry the team to victory. You do this by not getting in the way and don’t make it more difficult for someone else to carry. It’s hard to be humble and not get frustrated in these situations, but the more relaxed and safe you can play, the better.

As I play more and more, I am continuing to learn these things and cements them in my brain. I want it to become second nature. The less I have to think about the correct plays the more consistently I can execute them. Once this is the case, it just becomes finding the 2-4 champions you want to play and play them to death. Then put in the time and play as many ranked games as possible. As I said early in the article, I am most likely waiting for Solo Queue to be released before I jump back into ranked, but I am using this time to learn some of the top tier ADC and really work on my basics. When Solo Queue finally is released, I’ll be ready to climb.

And always remember the League of Legends Serenity Prayer:

“League of Legends Gods, grant me the serenity to accept my teammates that I cannot change, the courage to kite the opponents I can, and the wisdom to know how to carry. In Infinity Edge’s name we pray, Amen.”

Thanks for reading and, as always, you can email me comments and questions at ModernGentlemenGaming@gmail.com. Click “Follow” over on the right side to follow the blog and never miss an update. Be sure to follow me on Twitter @TheGreat_Andini for stream times and posts. Thanks, everyone!


A Spot of Bad Luck!

(Or a Little Miss Fortune) :D

Welcome back, everyone!

Today I’m going to dive into a topic I have not written about before: League of Legends. Now I am far from an expert, but this blog started as a way to document my progress in MTG, so why not my adventures in Ranked LoL? As previously mentioned, I used to play League consistently in Beta, and Seasons 1 and 2. It’s been a VERY long time since I’ve seriously played League and the game has changed a bunch. It is literally an entirely different game now.
RIP Gold per 5s T.T

I have always been relatively flexible when it comes to roles in League, but if I had to rank myself it would be ADC>Top>Mid>Support>Jungle. ADC is mostly where I have found my home, and I really enjoy being the DPS on the team. If you ask me, it’s the most interesting role, because it’s the only duo lane (generally), and its always high action.  You have 4 people bot, (2v2), the supports are trying to zone the opponents and keep their ADC alive, while the ADCs are trying to farm, and harass the opponents. Your team’s damage relies on you (the ADC) to get farmed up early game, to pump out huge amounts of damage in the late game during team fights.

Right now, the most popular ADCs seem to be Tristana, Vayne, Lucain, Corki and Miss Fortune. I have been playing mostly Miss Fortune in Ranked (and normals). She is a bursty, mage-like ADC in that she doesn’t just auto-attack. She has powerful abilities that allow her to quickly take huge chunks our of her opponents life-totals. Let’s start with her passive.

Love Tap: Whenever Miss Fortune basic attacks a new target, she deals 0.6 – 1.0 times her attack damage (at levels 1-18) bonus physical damage. Love Tap deals 50% damage to minions and turrets.
– This skill has many applications. Any time you first target something new, you get a boost to your auto-attack. This helps make up for her lack of early game strength. It helps you last hit minions more effectively if you rotate through the minion wave. It allows you to squeeze off a single shot on the opposing ADC, when the moment presents itself, and poke them down. The bonus is only worth 50% on minions and turrets, but any bonus damage is great bonus damage, (I always say.)

Q – Double Up: Miss Fortune fires a shot at an enemy target which deals 20 / 35 / 50 / 65 / 80 (+0.85 per attack damage) (+35% of ability power) physical damage before bouncing through her target to an enemy behind it, dealing 40 / 70 / 100 / 130 / 160 (+1.0 per attack damage) (+50% of ability power) physical damage.
– This if your man ability and the one I tend to max first. It’s great for farming and harassing in lane. ADCs and Supports tend to hang out behind the minion waves, since we’re ranged (No need to put yourself in danger!) This is where Double Up really shines. You can hit a minion in the last row and have it bounce to your opposing champs. The catch is, if you manage to kill the first target it hits, the bounced shot will deal 150% damage. The hits both apply on hit affects (such as Critical Strikes). There have been times in the early game, I’ve been able to chunk 50% of an opposing ADC life-total. It is absolutely devastating, and can scare your opponents into backing off, which is important for zoning. Now, the second target hit is “random”, so you want to help avoid “missing” by trying to pick times where the second shot will hit a champion (preferably the ADC). Try to isolate the last minion and the ADC. Ways to make this happen include clearing the rest of the wave except for 1 or 2 minions, and when the ADC comes in to get a last hit, Double Up on the minion farthest in the back, killing it and dealing huge damage to the only thing Double Up can jump to; their ADC. This skill becomes less useful in team fights, but you can still fire off tons of Double Ups before a big team fight to help soften up the enemy team.

W – Strut: Passive: After 5 seconds of not taking direct damage, Miss Fortune gains 25 movement speed, ramping up to 60 / 70 / 80 / 90 / 100 after 5 additional seconds.
Active: Miss Fortune instantly gains the maximum movement speed bonus as well as 60 / 75 / 90 / 105 / 120 % attack speed for 3 seconds. Love Tapping increases Strut’s attack speed duration by 1 second (2 seconds against champions).
-Here’s a versatile skill. This is the skill we’re going to max second. Passively, it gives us move speed while we’re not taking damage. Movement Speed is very important. It allows us to move around the map faster (duh…) to get to objectives, it allows us to dodge skill shots, and get back to lane more quickly after buying. The second portion of this skill is the steroid. The active gives us a reason to auto-attack, when our skills are on Cool Down and we aren’t able to burst people down, we want to be auto-attacking and this skill helps us do it. It’s great for dueling. Plus, each time we change targets and get the Love Tap bonus, we get an extra 1 second of steroid (2 if it’s a champion).

E – Make It Rain: Miss Fortune fires hundreds of bullets into the air which rain down at a location after 0.5 seconds, dealing 90 / 145 / 195 / 255 / 310 (+80% of ability power) magic damage over 2 seconds and slowing enemies hit by 40 / 45 / 50 / 55 / 60 % for .25 seconds. This slow is refreshed if enemies stay within the area.
– This is our only form of CC we have. It’s all right, because a 60% slow is nothing to scoff at. It is a wide enough circle that we can use it to close off escape routes in jungle, help to initiate a team fight, or set up your ultimate. In lane it’s great because there aren’t a lot of place to go, and it can used in conjunction with your support’s CC to secure kills in the early game. I make sure to take this skill at level 2, and then do not max until the end. It only gains +5% slow each level, and the damage does NOT scale with AD, so we are MUCH better off leveling our Q or W.

R – Bullet Time: Miss Fortune channels a barrage of bullets into a cone in front of her every .25 seconds for a 3 second duration, dealing (+0.75 per attack damage) (+20% of ability power) physical damage per wave. She fires 12 / 14 / 16 waves in total and each wave will deal physical damage to all enemies caught in the area. Each wave of Bullet Time can critically strike, dealing 120% damage.
-Badda bing, badda boom. This is our Ultimate, and good lord it can deal some damage. The cone on this is HUGE. The range is pretty wild. It covers a large area and is great for team fights. Early game if someone is escaping with no life you can fire this off and pick them off from much farther than your normal auto-attack range. This scales with AD and AP, but clearly we’re concerned with the AD here. This isn’t one of those lame ults that deals less damage as the bullets move through first, second and/or third targets. This deals full damage to EVERYTHING, and it can CRIT. You can use this to save towers if the opponents are pushing hard, you can fire this off, clear the minion wave and force them to back off. During team fights, your goal is to auto-attack until you find a perfect moment to use this. You want to catch as many people inside it as possible. Once the opposing team has committed to a team fight, and you aren’t being focused, you know it’s time. They key word here is “CHANNELS.” Make sure you do nothing after firing off the ult. Any action you take will cancel and end the ult early. There is no better feeling then obliterating 2-4 people during a team fight and being the only thing left standing.

So now that we’ve looked at abilities, lets take a look at Runes and Masteries.


MF Runes

This is the standard ADC layout that I use. 9x AD Marks, 9x Flat Armor Seals, 9x Scaling Magic Resist Glyphs, and 3x Attack Speed Quints. Now, I have tried many different set up, including the one above with 4 less Scaling MR Glyph for 4 more Attack Speed Glyphs. I tried dropping AS all together for more early game Attack Damage, but that really only helps with Last Hitting, and we don’t need that crutch due to MF’s Passive, Love Taps. AS is the most important, I believe. We use Flat Armor because we need the Armor right out of the gate. The opposing ADC is going to be AD (duh, not AP) so the armor is needed right from level 1 for survival. We don’t need the MR early, and the Scaling Runes are more effective post level 6. (i.e. you’d get more MR from Flat Runes at the start of the game. With scaling MR, level 6 if the point you surpass the flat runes, and gain more MR as you level up.)


MF Mastery

So far in Pre-Season 6, Thunderlord’s Decree is the OP mastery, everyone gets it. This will probably change, to try to make the other Keystone Masteries more worthwhile. Until then, lets take a look at some evidence as to why this may be. Once you put 18 point towards one Key Stone, you only get 12 for another tree. That makes the cut off the fourth tier masteries. So the options in the fifth tier become, Battery in the Ferocity tree which is 7% Flat Armor Penetration, or Precision in the Cunning tree which is 14% Armor Pen at level 18 (again, scaling per level). I believe It’s worth getting the scaling Armor Pen, over the Flat, which then gives you access to Thunderlord’s, which is just great right now. If you are playing someone with a much higher focus on Crit Chance, then there is an argument for Warlord’s Bloodlust. But with MF we’re taking Thunderlord’s because it procs on spell casts, which we do a lot of. I also choose to take Oppressor over Bounty Hunter, because apparently you need to kill at least 3 different champions before it surpasses Oppressor’s bonus. This might not happen until the late game when it’s no longer useful, I’d rather have the extra punch early, since MF has a slow, and your support will most likely have some sort of Crowd Control as well.

With Bandit versus Dangerous Game, it’s a personal preference. I really like the extra gold I can pick up from the occasional missed CS, but the real draw is the +3 gold per enemy Champion hit, since I do a lot of harassing. The Pros all take Dangerous Game, because when you’re chaining kills/assists, +5% healing adds up quickly. Dangerous Game is definitely better late game. I will keep experimenting with both.


The core of my build is Essence Reaver into Infinity Edge. Again, we are a caster-type ADC, and we need our Cool Downs to be lowered if at all possible. Reaver grants 10% CD, and then up to an additional 30% (to hit the max of 40%) for all of the bonus Crit Chance our OTHER items give us. Infinity Edge is obviously an Item that gives us huge Crit Chance, as well as making our Crits deal more damage. For boots we want Berserker’s Greaves. Our Attack Speed Item will generally be Rapid Firecannon. It provides more Crit Chance to lower our CDs through Reaver, and gives us an “Energized Attack” that deals more damage to champions and towers with an extended attack range. That’s 4 of our 6. The last two are all situational. If the enemy team has a ton of CC, Mercurial Scimitar is our Item. If they have no CC and we need sustain, Bloodthirster is the way to go. Enemy Rengar or Talon got you down? Can’t seem to get into a fight without getting immediately jumped on? Guardian Angel is for you! Lots of Tanks to mow down? Lord Dominik’s Regards and/or Black Cleaver if they’ve stacked Armor. The choice is yours! Your team and the enemy team’s composition are going to call for item choices on the fly!

Game Phases:

Early Game – Start with Doran’s Blade, one Health Potion, and your Free Trinket (We LOVE free stuff!). Last hit, Last hit, LAST HIT! An ADC is NOTHING without gold and we get gold by last hitting. Our passive gives us an early boost to damage, so use this to your advantage and keep switching minion targets. Make sure you are triggering the passive to help you get those last hits. ***Something to keep in mind, by the 5 minute and 45 second mark in the game, 50 minions will have been released. Compare what you have at 5:45 to the possible 50. Ideally you want to be hitting at least 44 out of 50 for a 92%+ Creep Score. It’s very hard to do, and I don’t always do it very well, but it’s something to watch and I like to record it. It’s something I am really working on.***
I have played around a bit with Cull. It’s an item that trades early game power for a mid game money spike. It rewards really solid farming, and game really set you back if you don’t farm well. I’ve tried it once or twice, and I still have not made a solid opinion on it. If you are behind early and can’t buy anything else, I usually get a second Doran’s Blade or the rare Cull. Once you get Cull, though, you have to commit to farming 100 CS as fast as possible to get that pay off, and catch back up. (I’m leaning towards, it’s not worth it.)

Our first back to buy, should be for at least a B.F. Sword (1300g). If you do not have 1300g+, then you need to buy Caulfield’s Warhammer. If you have less than 1100g, get Long Sword x2 (350g each). The goal is to get Essence Reaver as quickly as possible. Anything less than that, see the Cull v Second Doran’s Blade note above. Don’t be afraid to buy a few extra Potions as well, you don’t want to EVER DIE.

Mid Game – Once you have Reaver, make sure you get Boots, if you havent already, then start building Infinity Edge, preferably in the order of B.F. Sword Pick Axe Cloak of Agility.

Once we have our core, I almost always go Rapid Firecannon. You can get Statikk Shiv to help push lanes, or Phantom Dancer to help with dueling, but I think RFC is your best bet.

Late Game – Then it’s on to your situational items. See Above.


The rest of the information is general ADC knowledge and tips. ALWAYS, ALWAYS help your Jungler and Support with wards. Whenever you have an extra 75 gold, BUY A PINK WARD. These last forever, and you can only have one on the map at a time. Keep track of it and replace it when it dies. Upgrade your Trinket for Blue wards. These ALSO last forever, are visible to the enemy and can be destroyed, the advantage is they don’t count toward your ward limit! You can have an infinite amount of them on the map, in theory.

Warding gives you the ability to avoid ganks, set up ganks of your own, control the lane, and keep an eye on dragon.

Work with your Jungler on setting up the Dragon kill! When you get a kill in Bot lane, or if the enemy Mid and Jungle are ganking Top, push the Bot lane out and go kill dragon! The more Dragons you kill, the gold and power-ups your team has! Drake is crucial to the development of a game. Just don’t give up kills to get it. Dragon isn’t worth three deaths.

In team fights, positioning in key. We are fragile, we need to survive to deal damage. Our ult was made for team fighting. So, get in position, wait for the engage, keep auto attacking and when the moment is perfect… when your Support or Tank drops the CC on the enemy team… let it rip and watch ’em drop.

And that’s all I have for today. I’ve been having a lot of success with Miss Fortune so far. I am keeping track of my stats, and will share them once I get more games under my belt. At some point, I’ll do more posts sharing my experiences with other champions, and a potential “General ADC” guide (from my super pro Silver 3 point of view). Thanks for reading, and I hope you found this entertaining.

As always, feel free to email me comments or questions to ModernGentlmenGaming@gmail.com. Follow me on Twitter @TheGreat_Andini, and be sure to click “Follow” over on the right so you never miss an update! See you guys Monday!


A New Year

Good Afternoon Everyone!

Welcome back! The holidays are over, things are suddenly going back to normal with work and life. It’s been a very long time since I’ve written anything here and I’m hoping to change that. Fall was crazy with the new job and the holidays are always crazy. One of my resolutions is going to be keeping this blog up and running and I have several ideas on how to do this.

Lately, I haven’t been playing much Hearthstone. The last three months or so I missed hitting Rank 5 or better. September, October and November were due to my job and being busy. I spent the majority of those times just clearing daily quests. I had saved up enough gold to out right buy the League of Explorers expansion, so I figured I’d try it and see what this “Reno Jackson” was all about. In December, I started playing Aggro Shaman and LOVED it. I had some insane win streak of close to 20 games in a row. I zoomed from rank 15 to 6. It was INSANE. The I started mixing it up a bit, playing what I believe to be the best deck in the game, Combo Druid or Force Roar, as I like to call it. I seemed to get stuck around rank 6, but i wasn’t worried because I had time and the Aggro deck was so unstoppable.

Then it happened. I managed to follow the single greatest win streak of all time, with the single WORST losing streak of all time. I dropped from rank 6 all the way to 11… I stopped keeping track when I was like 5 and 35 or something absurd. I straight lost the will to keep playing. I’m sure the meta shifted, and I was unable to adapt. Perhaps it was the increase of Control decks since all the aggro decks already hit legends? Who knows? All I know is I lost, and I lost HARD. I’ve since gone back to just clearing dailies. My birthday was the 1st, so I didn’t have much time to play this past weekend, and My time has been spent on other games.

I have really been getting back into League of Legends. I used to play years ago, way back in Beta, Season 1 and Season 2. I did not have the equipment to play regularly for the following 3 years or so. Now that I built my new computer in October, I’ve spent the last few months relearning the game. With a group of friends, I’ve been relegated to ADC in the Bottom Lane, and have been doing well. It’s a role I’ve always enjoyed, and am really having fun mastering. I play a lot of Miss Fortune, Tristana, and  Vayne. I love Jinx, but sadly she was nerfed. I’m learning Lucian, need to relearn Graves and Ashe, and would like to pick up Draven. With it being preseason, I took the opportunity to complete my placement Matches for Ranked and am starting Silver III. I felt really good those first ten and ended going 5-5. When Season 6 starts, and the ranked system will change, I need to start learning a second role. I’ve always liked Mid but I think I’m leaning towards Top. I used to main Riven, who is just still busted. I’d like to pick up Darius, Rengar, Garen, Volibear, etc. Some Tanky, Strong, top lane bruisers. Maybe Zed so I could also flex mid. I’d like to stream LoL, but I’m having trouble with the software, just a few kinks to iron out. Regardless, my goal is to climb to gold, see how decent am I am, and maybe climb to platinum.

Magic: The Gathering has been pretty stagnant. The new sets are all very unexciting. Tron got a new toy that may push it over the edge for Modern (which would be bad for us G/B/x players). There was a large Modern Star City Games Tournament this weekend where Bloom basically cleaned up. It landed multiple copies in the Top 8 and won the whole thing. People are speculating this deck will not last long, as it is over the top powerful. There is major speculation on a return of Stoneforge Mystic, either by unbanning or reprint into standard. The cards power level is easily controllable in Standard based on what equipment is printed around it, and I do not personally believe it’s too powerful for Modern. Everyone who knows me knows I want power cards. While this may seem at odds with the Bloom deck statement above, Bloom is extremely hard to interact with, while SFM is not. Cards should be powerful, they shouldn’t be complete immune to interaction. There is a Modern Invitational Qualifier I may try to go to next weekend as well.

In other news, Fallout 4 is great; I’m about 8 hours into it. It’s a fantastic game. The new Star Wars movie is great. I really enjoyed watching it with my brother and my girlfriend. Lastly, and the thing I hope will give me plenty of new content to write, I’ve been playing Dungeons and Dragons with the same crew that plays League of Legends. We’ve got two sessions (about 10 hours) under our belts and I’ve been writing down EVERY single thing that happens along the way. I am hoping to turn it into a novelization of sorts, chapters more or less, and publish them here as an on going story. So far it’s been a blast to play, a blast to write and I hope it’s a lot of fun to read. Our DM is truly amazing. He has no interest in playing (so he doesn’t feel obligated to DM) and has devoted hours and hours to world building, character development and perfecting his story telling. Each time we meet the group gets better, the story gets fleshed out and I’m really excited to see where it all goes. With his help, I will be turning each sessions notes into a series, and I think it’s going to be awesome.

The first installment will be a week from now. I’ll be back Friday with a new post, regarding LoL, MTG, or Hearthstone. We’re still in preseason for LoL, so patches ares till being implemented. The full spoiler for MTG is not out yet and we’re close to another Banned and Restricted List update. Hearthstone is Hearthstone. It’s a crazy game with a frustrating amount of variance, and I HATE IT. *Clears Throat* Excuse me.

Feel free to email me comments, questions or concerns to ModernGentlmenGaming@gmail.com. Follow me on Twitter @TheGreat_Andini, and be sure to click “Follow” over on the right so you never miss an update! That’s the agenda, Lots to talk about, lots to analyze. Thanks for tuning in. May this be the year of the consistent content! Happy New Year, Readers!


The Grand Tournament Set Review: Part 3!

Good Morning Everyone, and Welcome Back!

So with the sudden shifts in the meta, I think it’s going to be difficult to finish up this season at legend. We are going to keep making the push, trying to get better rewards, but yet again, we are running out of time. The meta is too uncertain right now, and I waited a week to open my TGT cards, so we’ve been at a bit of a disadvantage. This is totally ok though, because these last couple weeks of the season will allow everyone see too what decks will start to rise to the top, then we can pick one and stick to it.

Let’s jump into the set review.




Zoo lock may be the only deck that wants his. Face Hunter plays Arcane Golem, and this does make Zoo Locks creatures a bit bigger which is their game plan. The question becomes do they run enough demons? In order to get enough value out of this you’d have to slightly adjust your deck, but I don’t think this is a bad card.



I have already seen this starting to see play. I think this is generally a good card. There are some very narrow corner cases where this could kill you, but those are unlikely. This could be the card that Demon Fuse is looking for in order to in cease the number of demons in the deck and pump out huge damage early on.

Fearsom Doomguard:


Well… this is unexciting… next.

Fist of Jaraxxus:

Fist of Jaraxxus

Has solid synergy with Doomguard, could this bring back the rise of Soul Fire? SF was so over played they had to nerf it, then it kind of… disappeared. I certainly wouldn’t be upset to play this along side SF and deal 4 to the face and 4 to an enemy minion. I think it has potential, even those the realty is it probably won’t see play. Malygos Lock might want it.

Tiny Knight of Evil:

Tiny Knight of Evil

Again, more discard synergy. I don’t know what the maximum number of discard cards you can pack in your deck is, but at some point they have to have diminishing returns as they are sever card disadvantage. Cards like Fist of Jaraxxus, and this, help mitigate that card disadvantage, but it may not be enough. Regardless, I love the design space.

Void Crusher:

Void Crush

I don’t know what to make of this card. It seems way too expensive for what you’re getting. I don’t see this seeing any play. You can’t use it if it’s your only minion, (unless you’re desperate) and warlock don’t really want to be losing board presence.



This SEEMS like something that can get out of hand, like theres a trick to it.  At the very least you’re going to keep getting damage in. It’s anti-board wipe technology. There’s a sick wombo-combo with Baron Rivendare that will do pretty much nothing… I don’t know. Someone smarter than me will figure this thing out, or it will never see the light of day. I’m leaning towards the latter.

Dark Bargain:

Dark Bargain

Again, massive tempo swing on the board for you in addition to massive card disadvantage. They have created some cards that mitigate it, but you don’t want to be dealing four to a random minion when you just killed them all. This is an expensive card, and I don’t think it’s worth it. Maybe a control deck could use this, but I think the down side is just too great.

Wilfred Fizzlebang:


This guy looks awesome. His stats are going to make him difficult to keep alive, but if you can play him turn 8, you’re getting at least one activation and a free card. I think that alone makes him worth it. If the opponent doesn’t remove him, you’re going to snowball very quickly. again, if you wait until turn 8, he does something as soon as he hits the field, and doesn’t die before you get value out of him. That’s very important. I just picture you playing him and getting a free Malganis, or a Jaraxxus. There’s a lot of value to be had.




Don’t we already have a card called Bash? No? Ok. This is a solid card. Control Warrior always wants removal, and if it gives them armor, even better. This is nice because you don’t have to waste you more valuable removal spells early like Shield Slam, or god forbid, an execute.



There are already an absurd number of taunt minions that see play, in addition to the ones being adding in TGT. It would be very possible to build a Taunt Warrior deck and use this to really push it over the top. I think this is a cool card, and it will just depend on the how strong the taunt minions are without it. Obviously there’s Belcher and Shield Masta, so it would only take a few more to make this reasonable.

Orgrimmar Aspirant:


This is a card that looks like it could get out of hand. Warriors have enough weapons that would absolutely benefit from this kind of ability. They tend to use the weapons for removal, so they wit on them anyway. If they slowly grow the weapon, and don’t end up using it for removal, the can go face to use it as a control finisher. Also, Gorehowl doesn’t really see play, but this keeps it alive and killing minions left and right. Interesting interaction.

King’s Defender:

King's Defend

Boom! More Taunt synergy. and another Weapon to use with the Aspirant. This is again a very solid weapon in the right build. I like this card and I think it’s reasonable this and Bolster will see play together. Plus with enough early Taunts you can really put the breaks on those pesky Face Hunters. This will also give you another source of early removal outside of War Axe.

Alexstraza’s Champion:

Alex's Champion

Another solid dragon card. We don’t see much Aggro Warrior, but it definitely has the tools and has been a fringe archetype. The issue is those rare Warrior Aggro decks don’t tend to run dragons as they are expensive. So this is kind of in an awkward place.  Regardless, if a Dragon Archetype becomes a thing, this will act as a great early game threat.

Sparring Partner:

Sparing Partner

There you go. Another huge boost to the Taunt Deck. This guy is pretty darn good. He’s like a Argent Protector, but a bit better. His stats are better and he HAS Taunt in addition to giving another Minion Taunt. This looks like a deck that would be really fun to try.

Sea Plunderer:

Sea Plund

Ok, so everyone’s initial reaction was this is another Whirlwind effect to trigger Grim Patrons. I don’t think they are wrong, but it’s a little narrow in that aspect alone. I think in the larger picture, you have to look at everything else it triggers. Acolyte of Pain, Armor Smith, Frothing Berserker. In addition o just a Whirlwind trigger, he is also a big beater. He can help you close out a game in your combo deck. Lot of combo decks would rather just play Grommash though, so this may not be enough. I would TRY this card in combo, I don’t know how practical it would be.

Magnataur Alpha:


Cool card. Has the Foe-Reaper 9000 ability. This issue is he won’t be attacking into much and surviving, but anything he hits is probably going to die. It’s a great way to clear out the opposing board to help get you back in the game. He has potential as he is a rather big removal spell, or just just go face when there’s nothing to kill.

Varian Wrynn:


This is my favorite card so far from TGT. He looks like a boss, the art is sweet on that red background and I have witnessed some pretty gross stuff. It has not been uncommon in Control warrior to play this guy into another 1 or 2 Legendaries. Control Warrior is already only play very few minions. These minions also tend to be the most expensive cards in the deck. This is a recipe for hitting big bombs late in the game when your best 7-8 minions are all also legends.  I love this card, It’s look awesome as hell to play. This along with the other warrior cards make me very excited to try playing Warrior.


Frost Giant:

Frost Giant

Very cool card. One of the very first spoilers for the set. This was the first taste of Inspire we would get, the idea of “Hero Power’s Matter.” I think this is an ok card, It give Handlock another option for large things, but this one is probably much slower than the others.



I opened three of these last night… *facepalm*. It’s a fine card, It’s a bit difficult to remove, but youre only really getting value out of it by turn 8, and I think thats far too slow.

Garrison Commander:

Garrison Command

Not bad at all, He’s cheap enough to allow you to actually make use of him. Only certain classes will want him though.

Master of Ceremonies:

Master of Ceremon

Not a bad card at all. This requires a bit of set up, but Bloodmage Thalnos and the like see enough play (shaman totem, etc.) that you get a great body for the mana cost. This card in the right deck could be very aggressive.

Crowd Favorite:

Crowd Fav

Solid card that can snowball out of control. Again, this requires having the right card around it to support it, but it’s definitely possible. It’s a bit slow, Shade of Naxxaramus barely sees play and that’s a less vulnerable version of this that you don’t have to do anything to make grow.

Grand Crusader:

Grand Crusader

Pretty expensive. there are better 6 mana cards and better 5/5s avilable.

Twilight Guardian:

Twilight Guard

The big card bringing the dragon archetype together. We really needed a cheap taunter, that is also a dragon, and this one just has great stats. This is already seeing a ton of play.

Sideshow Spelleater:

Sideshow Spell Eat

While this card is really cool, Its very expensive and doesn’t do anything practical. I don’t see this going anywhere.



again, this is expensive and it does give you value on the board, it just gives you another card in hand. I think there are just BETTER 5 mana cards.

Skycap’n Kragg:

Skycap Krag

We opened two legedaries last night!! …… and this was on of them. Blah. I guess Pirates would need this guy?  On average he may cost 4 or 5 for a 4/6 with charge? That’s not bad. He’s resilient. buuuuut, I just don’t ever see myself play pirate or seeing pirates as being a “real” thing.

Bolf Ramshield:


this was the other legend we opened!!! F*** me. This card is also worthless. Now I’m not complaining because between those two card I opened 800 dust. So i’ll just build whatever I want, but I’m sure it was extra humorous for those watching on stream.

Justicar Trueheart:

Justicar Trueheart

Here he is. The big daddy of The Grand Tournament. I believe this card is going to be the most prevalent moving forward. He definitely shines in certain classes over others, but that mean there are 3-4 classes that almost alwasy want this guy. Thats a lot of classes and subsequently a lot of archetypes. let’s look at the chart. (click on it to expand it.)


Warrior power is insane. Like… actually insane. Gaining 4 armor a turn in the late game seems unbeatable. Paladin is crazy good as well. In a token oriented Paladin deck, you’re looking at flooding the board with 1/1s and making them huge. Warlock power is just draw a card, no more paying life. Next the hunter, Druid, Mage and Priest are all kind of on the same level. Good but not game breaking. In a Midrange Hunter deck, upping your hero power to 3 is solid. I don’t mind casting an extra Quick Shot every turn. The extra damage and armor for the druid is very solid. Mage is good, doing an extra point of damage adds up. then we have Rouge and, of course, Shaman whose powers are pretty lack luster. There are cards that allow you to use your hero power more than once a turn, and the Rouge’s power is pretty pointless more than once a turn. And shaman is… ok? If youre trying to set up a blood lust or need more totems then fine, you can flood the board, but still its pretty mediocre. Overall, Justicar is going to be a staple of decks for a long time.

Nexus-champion Saraad:


Solid, repeatable card advantage. He’s not too expensive, and you can just continue to draw cards. I have seen this played yet, but he checks off a few of the items that make cards good. Can do something when it hits the field, gets you value, has solid stats, not too expensive. We will see.

Eydris Darkbane:

Edrys Darkbane

I saw this played against me and it did some work. 3 repeatable damage is nothing to sneeze at. The issue becomes, in order to get a lot of value out of this you need to have a lot of spells, and the spells you’ll be targeting her with will need to be buffs of some sort. Those buffs will not do anything by themselves. So if you build a deck with too many spells you don’t have minions and you die. If you only draw your minions this is just a Spider Tank. This is a delicate balance that is not impossible to over come, but it will be hard. I still really like this card.

Fjola Lightbane:


So the antithesis of the previous card. The difference is you can’t get more than 1 divine shield, So while Dark bane is blasting everything in sight when you suit her up, this one is just like… Oh wait I already have a shield. The shield makes her more resilient, but I think Darkbane is better.

The Skeleton Knight:

Skele Knight

Very easy to kill, but building your deck right and you could be playing him over and over. This unfortunately would require a bit of luck, so I don’t have high hopes. I think he’s a little too fragile to make a real impact. If you opponent has any kind of a boar when he comes down, you’ll have a hard time ever getting to attack with the skeleton. This is not a card that will get you back into a losing game.

Gormok the Impaler:


Good cost, decent stats, can do something when it hit the field. This is bad per se, but 4 minions on the board can be hard to get, Paladin and Shaman spring to mind. I dont think this will see a ton of play, but maybe I’ll be wrong. I think 4 minions is just a bit narrow.



This is just one giant removal spell. That’s not a bad thing as it can be put into play off of Varian, and it has charge. So for a few turns you can just clear the board. Interesting card.



Lastly, the final; piece to the dragon puzzle. Big guy, Give you board control, has taunt. He does everything. A must play if you want to play the dragon archetype.  I really like this card, and hope to play with it some time soon.

And that’s it! Thanks for tuning in last night if you made it to the stream. It was a great time, we laughed a lot at my twisted Bolf fortune. Opened some real solid packs in regards to goldens and epics. A lot of non-playable stuff but huge amounts of dust. I wont be streaming this weekend as I will be out of town. I’m going to watch the meta for the remainder of this season and decide what we want to play starting on Monday. I know a few things I want to craft.

As alwasy you can email me at ModernGentlemenGaming@gmail.com. Follow me on Twitter @TheGreat_Andini. I post updates to when I’m stream on twitter. You can watch the stream at twitch.tv/thegreat_andini. Be sure to click “Follow” over on the right to never miss a blog update. Thanks for reading, and good luck with your deck building!