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Quick Stream Update!

Hello Everyone!

It’s been a crazy week and it’s almost over! Normally I would do a Friday/Saturday night stream, but it looks like Ranked is currently down. Tomorrow, the gang will be playing D&D all day/night. I am going to monitor Ranked Queue this evening and, if it goes up, try to get the stream going. Just be sure to follow me on twitter @TheGreat_Andini to catch the stream time on twitch.tv/thegreat_andini. I’ll be sure to tweet 30 minutes to an hour before hand! See you soon.




Hearthstone Grand Tournament Packs: Just A Quick Reminder!!

Just A Quick Reminder!

Tonight, at 7:00 pm EST, I will be opening about 30 packs of The Grand Tournament, live on stream.


Afterwards we will be brewing, building, and trying out new decks with all the (hopefully) awesome stuff we got. We’ve also got around 3000 dust, so building some Legends will be in order! Come on by, there will be good music, good games, and new, fun decks. Tune in tomorrow for the final part of the Grand Tournament set review as well.

You can find updates to all of this on Twitter @TheGreat_Andini. Thanks and see you tonight!


The Grand Tournament Set Review: Part 2!

Good Afternoon Everyone!

This weekend was very eventful. After I got my computer all set up, I jammed a ton of games in Hearthstone and League of Legends. The thing runs great and it awesome to finally have a working computer again. Saturday night, I made a last minute decision to just see what would happen if I tried to stream. The set up was cake, the video and sound quality looked good, and people actually showed up to watch. Some of the viewers I knew, Some I did not. Regardless it was a great time. We partied, We played some Hybrid Hunter and we went from Rank 6 to 4! I’m going to be streaming again tonight. It was a ton of fun, and I highly suggest coming to hang out. The more, the merrier.

While we are patiently awaiting the arrival of the Grand Tournament expansion set, lets dive right into the second part of our set review!


Holy Champion:

Holy Champ

This guy is like a bigger Light Warden. Warden only sees play at all because you can summon one from Light of the Naaru as added value. Light Warden is very easy to kill and most Priests aren’t taking the aggressive route. I don’t have high hopes for this card. He has solid stats which I think will be his biggest redeeming factor.

Flash Heal:

Flash Heal

Decent answer to Aggro. Heal Bot sees a ton of play because it gives you an 3/3 in addition to the life. I am not sure just gaining 5 life is enough to warrant a card slot. EDIT: So I forgot that Soul Priest was a thing and this turns into a 5 mana nuke. This card is already seeing a ton of play.

Power Word: Glory:

PW Glory

This is better. For the same cost, you get one less life, but it’s repeatable. Putting effects like this on your cards offers your opponent the chance to get a 2 for 1 though. Card’s like Valen’s Chosen are worth it because you get so much from the card, and Power Word: Shield at least can-trips. Again, you would have to want healing pretty badly to use a card slot on this. EDIT: and for the exact reason I was wrong with the card above, i’m a bit wrong with the card. I(t’s too much of a non-bo with Soulpriest.

Spawn of Shadows:

Spawn of Shadows

Interesting card. It can be used as a finisher. The nuke is solid and, as I’ve stated before, minions that do something the turn the enter play are generally a bit above average. This thing is aggressively costed, and it can hit hard. Will be very interesting to see where this goes moving forward.

Wyrmrest Agent:


This is DEFINITELY the card Dragon Priest was looking for. I could write an entire article about Team MGGs trials and tribulations to make Dragon Priest (and Paladin) work. The key was a card EXACTLY like this. You need something early on and Blackwing Tech was not good enough. This could give the Dragon archetype new life.



This card is interesting in that it’s like a much cheaper Mind Control, but you don’t steal the minion from your opponent. Early game it could stop fast attackers by giving you a little guy your opponent already played. I’ll be honest, I don’t play much priest so I have no idea how this will shake out.



God. All these Priest cards are perplexing. The Priest can definitely set up a board state, where they benefit from this far more than you do. It’s cheap enough where on the right board state it will be better than a Savage Roar. when you’re running Northshires and Injured Blademasters, your damage will explode when this is used. Again, this isn’t usually a route Priests go, but new deck types could be discovered.



I think this may be one of the better Priest cards so far. It’s a good cost with good stats, and it has an ability not too much unlike Emperor Thuarissan. Shadowfiend is not as good, but with Priests ability to draw many cards, it gives them an early way to get out ahead of their opponents. I think this is a solid card.

Confessor Paletress:

Confessior Pale

Now this is a very cool card. Again, the stats aren’t great (because it would be broken if she was difficult to kill) but, this is pure card advantage. If for some reason you can keep her alive for more than a turn, you’ll rack up crazy amount of value. It is definitely worth playing this on turn 9 as well, so you can be guaranteed to get at least one Legendary Minion. I really like this card.


Shado-Pan Cavalry:

Shadow Pan

A 5 mana 6/7? ehh, since it relies on combo, it will sometimes be a 6 or 7 mana 6/7. I am not impressed by this, but I’m willing to be proven wrong.

Undercity Valiant:

Under Valiant

This is a good card. A 2 mana 3/2 is pretty good, and with the ability to knock out an opposing aggro minion is good. This can be great at stopping opposing aggro decks. The Oil Rogue will want this to help them get to the mid game. This will see play.



Pirates have never been a thing. I don’t see this changing that. In a vacuum, this is good on turn 1 to make your turn 2 weapon a 2/2, but it has to survive and i’m just not feeling very high on this card.



Thoughtsteal sees play because your opponent is going to put good cards in their deck. This is a bit more random but it’s still card advantage. There are also a lot of really bad class cards.



This guy is pretty cool. He gives Rouges a bit of ramp which is something they haven’t really had access to. I think this card is really good, especially in Oil. the faster you can get your ET, your Sprints, the better off you’ll be.

Shady Dealer:

Shady Dealer

Hmmm… Maybe I should take back that Pirate thing… We will see. This is another guy who has a good cost and great stats, and there’s a lot of opportunity for synergy. Again, I don’t have high hopes.

Poisoned Blade:

Posion Blade

I think this card has the potential to be very, very good. The issue is that a ton of decks already run Harrison Jones, and this is a juicy target for it. I like this card a lot, and it’s also good with Oil, I do think this will see play.

Beneath the Grounds:

Beneath the Grounds

This seems like a great card. The longer the game goes the better this card gets. You can essentially get three 4/4s for 3 mana. If you get lucky, you could build a serious board presence pretty quickly.



Very expensive, definitely Freeze Trap bait, but very, very powerful. The only way to true shut this down is to Polymorph or Hex it. Difficulty to remove is a very important part of good minions and this may be the most difficult minion to remove. This is a great card.


Tuskarr Totemic:

Tuskar Totem

Card advantage. Now that Totem Golem has a shot at being in the mix, and you can summon Mana Tide, this guy is pretty good. You’re not stuck with just the normal 4 totems. I think this guy is pretty solid.

Totem Golem:

Totem Golem

This card has a lot of hype behind it. A 2 mana 3/4 even with over load 1 is a great deal. This card is one of the better overload card because your not getting slammed in penalties, and it can be played when your mana is locked up since it’s so cheap. This will be an important part of Midrange Shaman’s game plan.

Ancestral Knowledge:


Card draw has been an issue for Shamans as well. I’m not sure this is a perfect answer. This essentially costs 4 and Mages get Arcane Intellect for 3. I don’t like this, but because there is nothing better, this may see a solid amount of play.

Thunder Bluff Valiant:

Bluff Valiant

This is one of the best totem oriented card we’ve seen. He’s a Savage Roar attached to a body, and he’s got solid stats. I think this is a great card, and even though you’ll have to work to support this card, it will be worth it.

Draenei Totemcarver:


The synergy is real. Look what we have here. Just another card to help bring it all together. I don’t think it would be too hard to have at least 2  before turn 4, and then youre getting a 6/6 for 4 mana. I like this card and I think Shaman might be getting the tool sit needs to compete and be more popular.

Healing Wave:

Heal Wave

Just when I think it can’t get any better. They seem to be answering a lot of problems with the Shaman. In addition to missing card draw, they also didn’t have a good heal before Heal Bot. This card can blow Heal Bot out of the water. You don’t have to dilute your totem strategy by adding a random Mech and you can get 6 more points of heal. This card is pretty wild.

Charged Hammer:

Charge ham

As awesome as this card looks, it detracts from the Totem synergy and as good as the hero power would become, it is far too slow. Again, this is one I would love to be wrong about. By the time this card cracks, it will be turn 7. Now it does sort of deter Harrison but, i think drawing four cards is still better than giving your opponent “Deal two damage every turn.”

Elemental Destruction:

Elemental Destruct

This is a bigger badder Lightning Storm. The Overload is kind of brutal, and this affects all minions, including your own. I can could see this as a one-of, kind of like a panic button, but you don’t want to be clearing the ENTIRE board unless you are a control deck. Control decks don’t really want to give up 5 mana on the next turn, though, so I don’t have high hopes for this card.

The Mistcaller:


This is another card that got a lot of hype. I think it has the potential to be very good. It’s hard to judge how something so unique will be without seeing it in action. I have a hard time believing this could be bad. Now his stats aren’t great, but the payoff just seems too good. There are so many creatures that get better with +1/+1. Zap-O-Matic, Al’akir the Windlord, etc; all of your small minions become a bit better in the late game. I have faith in this card.

That’s it for today! When we come back on Friday, we’ll finish up the set review with Warlock, Warrior and Neutral Minions. I’m going to keep grinding gold this week, and open up my TGT packs sometime this week. We should be damn near thirty packs by then. I am aiming for Thursday around 7:00 pm EST to stream at Twitch.tv/TheGreat_Andini. So come by, hang out, we’ll listen to tunes and crack a bunch of packs. Good luck, everyone and enjoy the new expansion!

As always, you can email me at ModernGentlemenGaming@gmail.com. Be sure to follow me on Twitter @TheGreat_Andini. Click “Follow” on the right to follow the blog and never miss an update! Thanks for reading.